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COVID Vaccines Highlight The Critical Importance Of Environmental Monitoring

February 23, 2021

The COVID-19 experience has brought to light the critical importance of environmental monitoring: that is, the ways and means to ensure the reliability and certainty of temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions for medicines and other valuable assets within a hospital setting. From food service to clean rooms to blood banks to vaccine storage, there are critical requirements in place to ensure the safety, viability, and availability of a hospital’s internal supply chain.

Vaccine Carts-Highly Mobile & Customizable

February 3, 2021

Are you looking for solutions to meet the high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout? We have mobile solutions available to quickly set up vaccine stations without taxing your current carts and equipment. These solutions provide your team a dedicated place to administer injections, testing and data-entry record keeping.   

Just An Ordinary Day

January 19, 2021

Finding good customer service is tough. It is a challenge just navigating maze-like automated phone systems, much less finding a live person who will go above and beyond to help. So when you see exceptional service you want to shout it from the treetops. In this case, I wanted to tell you a little about two of my colleagues at IMS. They are the kind of individuals who do whatever they need to do to get the job done, and going above and beyond is just part of their day. They NEVER-EVER expect any recognition. Today, I want to recognize their commitment to go above and beyond and shout it from the blogosphere!

Cry Wolf

January 6, 2021

Alarm Fatigue: a pretty fancy term, but what does it mean?  In the Patient Security System business it means that if you start getting too many alarms, those who would normally respond to an alarm start to doubt the system is working and ignore the alarms. This is an understandable reaction but could be a serious problem if a real abduction was in process and it was ignored.  Most have heard the story of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. He thought it was funny to call out an alarm that a wolf was trying to get at their livestock, and then he would sit back and laugh as everyone in town came running to chase away a wolf that wasn't there. Then, when there really was a wolf and the little boy signaled the alarm, everyone thought he was just up to his old tricks again and ignored him which led to a bad outcome.

Evaluating The Integrator

December 15, 2020

When considering a major system purchase it is just as important to evaluate the systems integrator, the company that will install and support the system, as it is the system itself.  You can certainly purchase the best and most technically advanced systems on the market, but if the systems integrator is not capable of properly designing, installing, implementing, and supporting the system, the end result will likely be poor or possibly one of the worst buying decisions you ever made. 

Are your ceilings and communication rooms considered “Spaghetti Incidents”?

December 1, 2020

Most will ask, “What is a Spaghetti Incident?” and the answer is poor cabling practices, in that, it looks like someone just threw spaghetti in your ceilings and communication rooms. The pictures below are what I would consider a “Spaghetti Incident”. Poor cabling practices like these are a tripping hazard, not conducive to air flow for heat dissipation, inefficient when making changes/troubleshooting and susceptible to damage when others are working in these areas.

An Uptick in COVID-19

November 11, 2020

Unfortunately, your team may be preparing for an increase in COVID-19 patients. We are here to help. We are working hard to help supply screening area carts ranging from tablet roll stands, kiosks, to full size carts that can be outfitted with all the technology and tools you need. Additionally, because these carts are manufactured in the U.S.A. lead times are very reasonable.

Close Call In The OB

October 27, 2020

CODE PINK! CODE PINK! This is the universal code that signals an abduction attempt is taking place within a hospital. A couple of weeks ago, we got a call from one of our customers stating that they experienced an actual Code Pink. For the sake of security and privacy I will not name the actual hospital, but this story is real.

Servers Don't Last Forever

September 30, 2020

Our healthcare customers depend on their Patient Security Systems. And most patients and families being protected by these systems do not even realize it, but they too depend on the system doing its job.  So it is serious when a system fails, and even more difficult to resolve when it happens on a weekend, but not impossible.  A few years back one of our technicians took a support call from a customer early morning on a Friday. Their system was having some issues and they needed assistance.

WOW; Workstation (Computer) on Wheels

September 16, 2020

At IMS we specialize in four different product groups. One of those groups is EMR Computer Mounting Solutions, designed to mount the computer, display, and keyboard for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data entry.  One of the most popular products for EMR data entry is the Workstation on Wheels cart (WOW) used by clinical staff as a mobile charting solution.  The WOW can be upgraded to include large format computer displays, secure locking drawers for med distribution, RFID readers, Barcode Scanner Mounts, Sani-Cloth mounts, and many other accessories. The devices mounted on the WOW can be powered by the onboard power system, providing several hours of continuous mobile use.  As with any device in a 24/7 healthcare environment, they typically require scheduled maintenance.  With our only focus being healthcare and strong relationships onsite in the hospital as a result of supporting Patient Security Systems, we offer a full range of support options for WOWs purchased from IMS.  

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