CODE PINK! CODE PINK! This is the universal code that signals an abduction attempt is taking place within a hospital. A couple of weeks ago, we got a call from one of our customers stating that they experienced an actual Code Pink. For the sake of security and privacy I will not name the actual hospital, but this story is real.

A mother had just given birth in the hospital. Children’s Protective Services (CPS) was aware of this situation and had serious concerns about the mother taking her child home. As a result of their concerns, CPS would not allow her to leave with the infant. However, the mother was determined to take her baby home despite the mandate from CPS.

 When she was leaving the hospital, she tried to take her baby, but her attempts were thwarted! Once she got on the elevator, the patient security system, which is designed to stop would-be abductors, alarmed. The elevator doors locked open and the elevator held on the floor, allowing staff to safely retrieve the baby and remove the mother from the hospital.

code pink 

An infant abduction is an event that should never happen anyplace, but especially within a healthcare facility. Having a patient security system that offers layers of protection is the ticket to securing the most innocent within your facility. The patient security system at this hospital has been in operation for quite some time now. Hospital leadership also invests time and energy into supporting the system and ensuring their staff is trained to respond properly when alarms occur.

 When they experienced a real-life situation, the hospital staff was thrilled with the way the system performed. It functioned exactly as planned and the staff responded as they had practiced. Additionally, they were very grateful to the IMS team and for the great job maintaining their system. 

 “They would recommend IMS to anyone.”