patient security

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Delivering On Our Promise, Every Time

There is nothing more frustrating than getting something new and finding out it does not work thefalse
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It's Storytime

Every day we face customers who need to make tough decisions. Decisions about providing more withfalse
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Drills: Practicing for Real Emergencies

One of my high school coaches often reminded us of the importance of every practice and giving ourfalse
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Out of Desperation

Desperation can make a new mom do the unthinkable. Take, for example, a situation when a new momfalse

Approved Cleaning Materials for Hugs® and Kisses® Tags

This Technical Bulletin provides important information about which cleaning materials have beenfalse
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Crying Wolf Again?

Did the title catch your attention? The Boy Who Cried Wolf, one of Aesop’s Fables, is a story thatfalse
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Navigating the Sharks! Patient Security

This time of year, spring breakers are flocking to warm, oceanside beaches for a reprieve from coldfalse
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Define Ugly!

The term “Ugly Systems™” was used in a recent meeting. I had not heard the term before and was notfalse
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Hugs, Kisses & Healthcare

Valentine’s Day, the one day specially dedicated to love. In 2016, stats indicated that 54.8% offalse
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When Patient Security Is Done Right; The Keys For Success.

As a Corporate Trainer at IMS, patient security systems is my speciality. I have spent many yearsfalse