Every day we face customers who need to make tough decisions. Decisions about providing more with less and never compromising patient’s health and satisfaction. Sure, we are a sales organization that has amazing solutions to sell, but the reality of what we do is that we work with you to do more with less! How do we do this?

I have taken the names out of this very real conversation that recently happened. I feel this illustrates how IMS is truly a different company and how our experience and knowledge help you “Make more with less”.

“Today I (IMS Product Manager) had a conversation with a customer who was facing a tough decision. He was up against the clock because construction was coming to a close and he had to decide what patient security system to go with. He budgeted and planned to move forward with the Hugs LonWorks platform but with the recent announcement from Stanley Healthcare that they were ending life on this solution, he had to find another solution. Another solution quickly!

Prior to my conversation with him, he felt he only had two options move forward with an end of life system that will be obsolete in 5 years or move to Stanley Healthcare’s Hugs Wi-Fi platform. To make matters worse, Hugs Wi-Fi was more expensive, significantly more expensive and this project had already been budgeted!  

During our call, I asked what nurse call system they were using, and he shared that they had Hill-Rom. So, I proceeded to ask if they were using nurse call cancel. He said, “yes with CenTrak”. At this point, I knew he had an infrastructure already in place that would allow him to put in CenTrak’s newbabytm system.

Now they are not facing a cost increase but very likely a cost savings!

At the end of the conversation the customer was very relieved and shared that with me over and over. He also asked us to do this at another campus and for us to take over support and installation on the entire CenTrak system!

Now what does this conversation really mean for this customer? Let me break it down, maybe it fits your scenario, especially if you too are facing the end of life decision on your patient security system.

  1. Customer has a Hill-Rom Nurse Call System installed with the automatic call cancel feature, which is done via RTLS.  Since Hill-Rom uses, almost exclusively, CenTrak RTLS Infrastructure, this means that there is CenTrak RTLS infrastructure with room level (Clinical Grade) accuracy already installed.  The Rauland Nurse Call System has the same automatic call cancel feature and the same CenTrak RTLS infrastructure.
  2. With this infrastructure in place, they can now stack applications on the infrastructure with potentially minimal infrastructure expenditures. There are costs involved but they are for software, appropriate tags and support.
  3. Some of the applications that can be on stacked on the infrastructure are: asset management & tracking, environmental & temperature monitoring, hand hygiene compliance, patient security, staff duress and clinic-OR-ED-patient workflow.

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