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In 1987, it became clear to Dan De Jong, Ray Cebulski, and Jack VandenBroek (all pictured above) that there was need for a company that was focused on supplying equipment and technology solutions to the medical marketplace. The goal was to create a different type of medical equipment distribution company. A company whose purpose was to integrate quality technical medical products, train the user, and offer support after the sale. The initial company charter was to integrate sensors, monitors, central stations and computer systems to provide data in real time to clinicians, so they could make better and faster decisions for patient care.





Our customer, supplier and staff relationships are measured in decades and have been the foundation for our success. We are considered a high-tech innovative company with “old school” principles and values. When you call us, a real person answers the phone. Yes, a real person! We also believe a hand shake still means something in business.



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Convergint, a global leader in service-based systems integration, announced the acquisition of Innovative Medical Systems (IMS), a leading value-added reseller of select acute care and technical products for hospitals. The company offers several innovative technology solutions to healthcare facilities, including Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), Hospital Carts and Patient Care furniture, and security. IMS technology solutions are custom designed to help healthcare facilities reduce complexity by integrating electrical, mechanical, network, and software components, to reduce costs and streamline workflow management processes.




Convergint Innovative Medical has been blessed with a group of dedicated colleagues, both past and present, that have had a big part in bringing Convergint Innovative Medical to what it is today. Any company is only as good as its colleagues that faithfully carry the vision forward and that has not changed. Our continued success is a testament to each and every one who carry out the vision of Convergint Innovative Medical every day.

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