patient security systems

1 minute read

Servers Don't Last Forever

Our healthcare customers depend on their Patient Security Systems. And most patients and familiesfalse
3 minute read

Delivering On Our Promise, Every Time

There is nothing more frustrating than getting something new and finding out it does not work thefalse
3 minute read

The Recipe for Success

The whole group agreed. That was amazing enough and this group never agreed on anything! But theyfalse
2 minute read

It's Storytime

Every day we face customers who need to make tough decisions. Decisions about providing more withfalse
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Drills: Practicing for Real Emergencies

One of my high school coaches often reminded us of the importance of every practice and giving ourfalse


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Buyer's Remorse - Making An Educated Decision

We all experience buyer’s remorse at one time or another. It rears its ugly head when the productfalse
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Key To Success

One of the keys to the success of a new Patient Security or RTLS system is not only implementationfalse

An Abduction Warning...

This news report comes in from the Carolinas, and not only alerts one about the importance offalse
2 minute read

Do You Know The Enemy?

When my daughter was in her pre-teens, some strange physical things began to happen to her. Shefalse
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Out of Desperation

Desperation can make a new mom do the unthinkable. Take, for example, a situation when a new momfalse
2 minute read

A Wandering Foot

Growing up, one of my passions was reading, and one of my favorite book series was Little House onfalse