Our healthcare customers depend on their Patient Security Systems. And most patients and families being protected by these systems do not even realize it, but they too depend on the system doing its job.  So it is serious when a system fails, and even more difficult to resolve when it happens on a weekend, but not impossible.  A few years back one of our technicians took a support call from a customer early morning on a Friday. Their system was having some issues and they needed assistance.Close-Up of technician plugging patch cable in a rack mounted server in server room

Following our standard procedure he connected to the server remotely and began troubleshooting.  He found some odd issues with the server and decided to initiate a reboot, which seemed to resolve things and the system was working correctly again.  After lunch we received another call regarding the same system experiencing the same problems.  We remote accessed the server again, and based on the error log it was determined the system board was the likely cause of the problem, and based on the age of the server it was determined the server should be replaced.  We contacted the customer and explained the server should be replaced or this issue could occur again at any time.  Now being late on a Friday afternoon the customers first thought was that there was no way we would be able to get this fixed on a Friday, and the hospital would have to go through the entire weekend without their Patient Security System. We assured the customer we were already in the process of getting a new server prepped and one of our technicians would be leaving shortly to come on site and replace it.  The customer was amazed and kept saying over and over how grateful they were for our support and wished all of their vendors were so good to work with.

Our technician was able to get there on that day, replace the old server, and get their system back online and fully functional in a very short time!  IMS and its employees are dedicated to our customers today, tomorrow, and always. We realize the importance of maintaining good relationships with our customers and we make that the foundation of everything we do. When you allow IMS to manage and support your Patient Security System, you can be sure we will do everything possible not to jeopardize that trust.