Desperation can make a new mom do the unthinkable. Take, for example, a situation when a new mom learns that her newborn child will not be coming home with her due to her drug use. This was not the plan she envisioned for her baby, but desperation kicks in and a mother does the unthinkable. She abducts her own baby and leaves the hospital. This was the case last week in California, “A nurse quickly noticed both the mother and child were gone. Court documents say the mother pried the tag off the baby's umbilical cord which could have caused the baby to bleed to death.”  

Drug paraphernalia including cooking spoon candle syringe tourniquet powder pills and tablet.jpeg

This was an impetuous decision, one where the mother escaped from the hospital and made it home with her infant. Fortunately, the outcome for the infant was positive, but so much could have happened in that timeline from when the umbilical cord tag was removed to finding the infant in the mother’s home. This kind of situation should never happen. As the drug crisis in America continues to infiltrate all aspects of healthcare, stories like this remind us that the drug crisis is present and even affects the most vulnerable in the Obstetrics Department.

How can a facility truly protect itself from this kind of situation? The hospital had an electronic infant protection system and there was a tag on the baby. As the largest distributor of Stanley Healthcare Patient Security Systems, we know a thing or two about how an infant security system should work:

A system needs to be tamper proof so that when someone tampers with it, an alarm is sounded, and the exits are immediately locked. This all happens BEFORE the abductor and patient attempt to leave the floor. That same system needs a tag that is visible on the wrist or ankle. Tag visibility can be a deterrent to potential abductors.


Securing the most innocent within a facility is everyone's concern. Does your infant security system properly secure infants in all situations, even the unimaginable ones? Choosing the right patient security system is an essential part of the equation. The Hugs patient security system offers unparalleled levels of patient security which is designed, installed and supported by our organization. Innovative Medical Systems has been in the industry for over 18 years. We look forward to working with you to reduce risks while improving staff and patient satisfaction.