An Overbed Table is an indispensable piece of equipment in both Acute Care and Long-Term Care facilities, serving as a multifunctional surface for patients and clinicians alike.

Primarily, an Overbed Table offers patients a convenient platform for meals and personal belongings, ensuring comfort and accessibility during their stay. However, its utility extends beyond patient use; clinicians and physicians also rely on it for various tasks, necessitating its design to accommodate their needs as well.

The design and functionality of Overbed Tables vary significantly. While some are designed to fit snugly under standard hospital beds, others cater to different bed types, such as 5th wheel beds or chairs. Mobility is a common feature, with most tables equipped with casters for easy relocation as needed.


Key Benefits of Overbed Tables

One of the key features that users often seek in Overbed Tables is height adjustability. This flexibility ensures that the table can be easily adjusted to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual patients, enhancing their comfort and convenience.

In today's clinical setting, where infection control is paramount, the cleanability of Overbed Table tops is of utmost importance. Ensuring that these surfaces are easy to sanitize helps maintain a hygienic environment and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.



We understand the diverse needs of healthcare facilities, which is why we offer Overbed Tables from multiple suppliers, each with its own set of features and benefits. Whether you require a basic model or one with advanced functionalities, our range of options can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

We invite you to engage in a live Teams Demonstration where we can showcase some of the most popular Overbed Table solutions available. Through this interactive session, you'll have the opportunity to explore the features and functionalities of our products, allowing you to make an informed decision that best meets the needs of your patients and staff.

The Overbed Table plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience of patients and clinicians in healthcare settings. By prioritizing comfort, functionality, and cleanliness, facilities can ensure that this essential piece of equipment continues to serve its purpose effectively while maintaining high standards of environmental services and infection control.


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