The term “Ugly Systems™” was used in a recent meeting. I had not heard the term before and was not clear on its meaning, naturally, I did what one does when they seek an answer. I “Googled" it. By the time I got to page 5, I did not see any explanations for the term “Ugly Systems™”. So, I went directly to the source and asked Ray Cebulski, Senior Product Manager at Innovative Medical Systems. It was one of his coined terms we affectionately refer to as “Cebulski-isms” within our office. I learned that the simple term “Ugly Systems™” has an extensive definition explaining the process with complex infrastructures and software. Essentially, think of all the departments and information one must know to recommend, design, install, train, and service a large complex infrastructure and software installation.The team at IMS can handle that from soup to nuts, and all the complexities in between.


Understanding the pace of technology and the changes that revolve around it can be dizzying. So when a facility installs a complex system, they are investing not only in today; they want to futureproof their system for the long haul. When IMS works with these complex “Ugly Systems™”, we are committed to futureproofing your investment from start to finish. An “Ugly System™” from IMS looks something like this.


From the onset, we ask a set of questions: how is it going to be used; what is the environment it is being used in; what type of output reporting is needed. Then we dive into the deep end and gather all the relevant requirements so that when we make our recommendation, everything has been included and there are no surprises. In order to uncover all these details, we speak to a wide variety of departments, IT, Clinical, Security, Executives and many more, to ensure we have a clear understanding of what is needed and what is required. 

System Design/Recommendation

Once discovery is complete and we have a clear understanding of the environment, system use, and specific requirements, we custom design a system that fits these needs and make our recommendation. We have found through experience that there often isn’t one system that fits best. Sometimes, to achieve results, it requires a mix of technology options to ensure optimum efficiency: active RDID, passive RFID ultrasound, Wi-Fi, infrared, Bluetooth, door locks, visual indicators, audible indicators, etc.  Designing and making a knowledgeable recommendation requires insight into the facility and understanding what the end results need to be. To properly do this requires collaboration amongst several IMS teams that are often directly involved in the day to day operations of IT, Bio-Med, Security, and Clinical. 

System Installation

Once the decision is made to move forward with our recommendation, our team of trained and certified technicians will timeline and install all components based on the system design. Their knowledge on approved materials above and below the ceiling paired with HEPA Tent knowledge gives you confidence that the job will be executed properly. Time after time our service team is consistently welcomed back. They offer a full skill set that is unparalled; mechanical, electrical, understanding HIPPA requirements and system design.  Once the infrastructure is complete, they also need to be able to install software, and understand not only how to operate the system but what does the business analysis output tell us. Critical thinking about the data is important to understand. Data is no good to anyone unless it is being used in a meaningful way.


Once your system is operating, it is imperative to train staff. IMS has full time trainers on staff to train all your staff on how to use the system, troubleshoot issues, and even how to interpret the business intelligence output at the executive level. This on-going training is a critical component to ensure you receive adoption and ROI on this capital investment. Training occurs not only once the system goes live, but also a year later, two years later, etc. Training is on-going. Proof of our commitment is always apparent with customers.

We still have our first patient security system in operation because of our training and on-going service. Their investment has stood the test of time.

On-Going Service

We offer 24/7 support for your system. In our work over the years, we have developed an extensive trouble-shooting portfolio and our insight into the details of “Ugly Systems” continues to set IMS apart.

No matter what you call it, whether it be complex system integration or “Ugly System™”, IMS makes complexity simple for you, your team, and your facility. We are the team who can do it all; trained in a variety of systems with top vendors that trust us. In the hospital, we make it all work together. The uglier the system, the better! Let’s define “Ugly” together.

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