Customer Testimonials

Customer from Michigan regarding their RTLS System and Go-Live:

"During today’s update call with a hospital's Project Manager, they were extremely complimentary and appreciative of all the work/support/diligence provide by the entire IMS team throughout the Duress roll-out and Go-Live projects. It’s apparent that all the hard work with the their team during the definition, design and deployment of the system is paying off."

Customer from Indiana regarding their Infant Security System:

"I spoke to Customer A today. He said that a couple of weeks ago they had an actual Code Pink.  A mother was not going to be allowed to take her baby home because of some issues with the state.  She attempted to take the baby and leave but when she got on the elevator, the system alarmed and the elevator held.  They were able to retrieve the baby and remove the mother from the hospital. He wanted to tell us that he was thrilled with the way the system performed and the IMS team is doing a great job of maintaining it.  He said he would recommend us to anyone."

Customer from Pennsylvania regarding an IMS Training:

"Wow, thank you. What an incredible amount of resources! I'm very much interested in a representative coming here to provide training as soon you have an open day...It's impressive how much IMS has available!"

Customer from Wisconsin regarding an IMS Service Technician:

"Too often in this world there is such negativity. I would  like to share some positive, your team truly impressed me with prompt and efficient service on a weekend, much less a Sunday. Not only was Josh helpful and thoroughly but extremely prompt which as a nurse I can tell you working with technical issues generally is not the case. Unfortunately the issue is not fixed yet however all the red tape was cut through and looked at and I didn't have to sit on the phone and be taken away from patient care to get the issue resolved. Again Josh was extremely helpful and made every effort to resolve the issue and when that was not possible he contacted our IS department to get the issue further attention. Again all without taking the nurse away from patient care. Kudos and thank you for your help, this guy was fabulous and deserves some type of recognition."

Customer from Michigan regarding an IMS Service Technician:

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how awesome Chris Keltie is. I had the pleasure of meeting him face to face last week. He has been such an asset to me as I’ve stepped into a Locations Services lead.  He is very knowledgeable, helpful and insightful. I think you have a great asset with Chris!

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Team for Go-Live:

"Thank you all-it was a great team effort.  The IMS people are wonderful to work with.  Jodi has gone above and beyond with the OB team.  Simon kept us on track and see the good work that IT does.  We don’t always thank the people who are behind the scenes.  THANK YOU all."

Customer from Kansas regarding the IMS Sales Team and the customization on OB furniture:

“Thank you to you and your team for customizing what we needed. They look fantastic!! - Director of Patient Care Services in Kansas"

Customer from Maine regarding the IMS Sales Team and Fetal Monitor Carts:

"Hi Lynda! Ohhh my goodness! I am so sorry for not emailing you sooner. It was my very intention! They (fetal monitor carts) arrived last week! Perfect!  It felt like Christmas to wipe them all down and fill them with all our supplies!  They are absolutely gorgeous. I show everyone who enters the unit, our new carts! Thank you for being so awesome to work with. Hope to be able to work again with you in the near future.  Hope you have a good day!"

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:

"I am the manager for Location Services at ABC Hospital.  I just wanted to take a second to express my appreciation for having Don Serba on our account.  I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with him at our facility as we were troubleshooting some Centrak issues.  It was obvious he had the knowledge and willingness to do whatever it took to find the problem but more importantly, we worked out a plan so that we can better solve issues in the future.  With Location Services being so new to us we need that mindset and it was on display with Don."

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:

"I wanted to send a quick email to state how happy I am with the work performed by the crew sent for our annual maintenance/server & workstation migration. While there were some hiccups with the server migration all three displayed a commitment to a speedy delivery of quality service. Nothing was left as “good enough” and that is very much appreciated. I would be happy to work with that crew again."

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team:

"I hope you and the rest of the IMS staff had a great holiday, and hope you all do well moving ahead. As I previously mentioned, you have been the best vendor I’ve worked with while in my role and you definitely set the bar. Thank you for all your time, patience, and continued excellence in service to our site!"

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:

"Your guys were great to work with! We appreciate that."

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team:

"Just wanted to reach out to you and say that your support group has been the best support group I’ve worked with, here at "Hospital A" and "Hospital B". The team provides very good follow up, follows up proactively on issues, and the local tech Mike Keenan has always been responsive and helpful. Good job on the team and the work!"

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team:

Bob Chenoweth and team! Just wanted to say it was a great pleasure to work with the whole IMS Staff throughout this process! Thanks for all you did!

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team:

A client called to let us know that "Scott Clemmons and Lee Philpot from IMS were the best vendors that he has ever worked with." 

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team:

We are live with HUGS. There were no issues at go-live and the cutover from McRoberts to HUGS went smoothly. We tested every sensor, door, and elevator to ensure that visual, audio, and computer alarms were working correctly. HUGS coverage includes: Labor and Delivery, Maternity, Special Care Nursery, and Well Baby Nursery. The team work was outstanding. Nursing, Information Services, Security, IMS and the various Vendors who all collaborated to make the go-live successful. Kudos to all!

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team:

The team was wonderful to work with and the ease of the transition was wonderful for the staff.

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team:

Thanks Scott Jeltema and your team for your expertise with installing our system.  Mike Keenan is great to work with on site, he has a wonderful attitude with our many questions and needs.  This Project went very well.  Thanks again.

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:

I’m sending this email a couple days late.  I wanted to let you know that Mike Rittner and Wayne did an excellent job completing the wow cart PM’s, med drawer and printer bracket installs. The carts look 100% better and we will be ready for the Go-Live for the new Lab label system.  Special thanks to Josh for getting everything delivered on time as promised. Thanks again to IMS for the excellent support.

Customer from Kentucky regarding the IMS Team:

There were notes recorded by Jeff Smalla, IMS Corporate Trainer, after a recent visit to a Kentucky Medical Center about Lee Philpot, IMS Service Technician.  They said, “No matter how frustrating the issues get, you can’t be too upset when you’re working with Lee!  He takes such good care of us.”  Calling the manager today to say Kudos to her and her team for great looking Hugs Monthly reports, the manager started about Lee Philpot again. “Well if we are passing out Kudos, certainly you have to include Lee, he is always patient and helpful about anything we ask of him.”  We want Lee to understand what a great “red carpet” he has rolled out for our team who follow up with customers that have been treated so well!   Thank You!  Mr. Philpot from the IMS Team.

Customer from Wisconsin regarding the IMS Team:

"Thanks to your team for making this work.  I am impressed with Mike Keenan’s follow-up especially, he’s a darn good tech!"

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Team:

“We allowed our SMA to lapse and were hesitant to bring it up to speed because of cost.  When we considered the cost of becoming current, we decided to shop around and investigate other Patient Security Systems.  When it came right down to it, we contacted IMS fearful of being charged excessive cost to get our system up to standards. And I quote "I was expecting to get hosed!"  What I found when the numbers came in was a company who was being extremely fair even though we were "stepchildren who had refused to stay current." The staff here really appreciates the grace, fairness and helpfulness which our hospital experienced with IMS.”

Customer from a large IDN regarding the IMS Service Team:

“Hi Jason and Ron. I just want to say Thank You to you and your teams for the HUGS upgrades. The timelines were crazy but you and your organization really responded. I have to say this was one of the most satisfying engagements I’ve had with a vendor in some time, and I appreciate all you and your teams did to get this complete. Mike Keenan was tremendous to work with, very professional and great customer skills. Mike did an excellent job with all the variables he had to deal with. I certainly was pleased with all he did. Thank you again for your efforts.”

Customer from Iowa regarding the IMS Sales Team:

 "The carts have arrived today! Thank you so much for your work and dedication to get us this equipment before our year end.

Customer from east Michigan regarding the IMS Team:

"Thank you , Dan. This is my first time on a project like this as I happen to have absorbed a lot of responsibilities when Mike left, as well as our project manager just retired who would normally do the Plans Exam applications/certificate of needs. I appreciate your quick and accurate response. I have been begging the “other company involved” for months for similar documentation.  Great customer service like yours is hard to come by nowadays."

Customer from east Michigan regarding the IMS Team:

"It has been my pleasure to work with you and IMS. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad interaction with anyone going from the front office all the way up to Ron during my experience with HUGS –around 17 years!! The knowledge, friendly manner and patience displayed by all of you during some very trying interactions has been beyond belief. I thank you for getting both hospitals up to date with servers,  hardware, versions etc. IMS is at the top of my list for the highest quality vendor!!"

Customer from Toledo, OH regarding the IMS Service Team:

“We appreciate your patience and your professionalism. Even with all the issues we had on our end, your people were out of this world. I have three big criteria when selecting a system, user friendly functionality, technical skills of the company and customer service. I am extremely impressed by all three, not just the company, but the people you have on the ground. This says a lot for your organization. Your people's patience really made each stumbling block much easier to deal with. Thanks for everything.”

 Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team:

“Kudos to Wayne and Scott for a very successful go live. {Customer} made a huge point saying how much she appreciated their patience and dedication as well as their ability to be non-intrusive during installation and set-up.”

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team:

“Not sure who Gabe’s boss is so I am sending this to you guys, Gabe and crew did an excellent installation job here for us. Please pass this along to your higher ups and let them know that with Gabe’s leadership and knowledge along with explaining this process to our staff; this is just a great experience. You should be proud of the work these gentlemen have done!!!!!”

Vendor compliment for the IMS Service Team:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I appreciate the help and assistance Mike Norkus has provide over the past weeks on both the Kisses tags plastic change and chasing down the intermittent field issues we have been having. Mike has been really responsive to my multitude of requests and of course he has his day job with IMS, so I know he has been going out of his way to help.”

Customer from southern Indiana regarding the IMS Service Team:

“Things are going great. Your guys are doing a bang up job! Knock on wood but things are going according to schedule. Training I think starts within the next couple of weeks and looking forward to cut-over day.”

Customer from west Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:

“Thank you, Dave! In the 10+ years I’ve worked for {Customer}, working with IMS to support Hugs has been among my favorite experiences! I learned a great deal about the system (thanks to IMS techs and training), and I’ve enjoyed coordinating efforts of IMS and all the functional areas here at {Customer} that interface with Hugs. I am grateful for all of your help and support and patience through my learning curve and some of the cumbersome processes we had to work through to buy parts and services. I know I’m going to miss working with you and so many others I’ve come to know at IMS! I like to think we will cross paths again."

Customer from Kentucky regarding the IMS Service Team:

“I received a call from {Customer} and he wanted to send his appreciation on how well the upgrade/migration project to the Virtual Server onto the hospital network went. He stated how impressed he was of the IMS professionalism during the pre-upgrade and onsite upgrade process. Thank You.”

Customer from Kalamazoo, MI regarding the IMS Service Team:

“I just wanted to let you know that for the second time I have had to deal with Michael about a trouble cart, he has been absolutely incredible! I believe I first contacted him Monday about the cart, and as of COB today, I have the faulty inverter labeled and ready to send back! He has been outstanding at providing me support for our Howard Carts!” 
Customer from east Michigan regarding the IMS Sales Team:
“Our GO-Live with Howard carts and GCX wall mounts went live on Wednesday the 24th. It was very successful. All devices are performing to specs. I want to thank IMS for the excellent service you folks provide. Without you, this project would not have been as successful.”
Customer from central Indiana regarding the IMS Service Team:
“Thank you for contacting me. We too enjoyed working with your staff. The install went very smoothly and look forward to working with IMS on any future Security projects.”
Customer from Indiana regarding IMS Service Team:
“Much thanks to both Ryan and Mike for their work on the system. They put in late hours to get Hugs to work according to what we needed for {Customer} and were great to work with.”
Customer from Pennsylvania regarding the IMS Service Team:
“Thank you Jason. Also – allow me to extend sincere appreciation for the work that your staff – Scott, Chris and Jeff. They did an extremely professional and conscientious job with the installation and training. A solid team of folks to work with.”
Customer from Missouri regarding the IMS Service Team:
“I wanted to pass this email along from {Customer}. Before putting a Support Agreement in place with us, there were some struggles and a lot of frustration surrounding their Hugs system. Since they put a Service Agreement in place in April we have overcame a lot of the issues they were experiencing. I would like to thank all of you for the job you do and also want to send out a special thanks to Keith and Bob for the impact they made during the PM…from customer: I wanted to ask you if I need to register the two of us that are planning on going to the HUGS tech training in October. I don’t want to miss the window, if it is still open that is. Also, I wanted to tell you that HUGS has improved greatly here in Missouri and that Keith and his partner did an excellent job with the recert. Also, your remote support has been great to work with. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Phantom alarms have been almost completely eliminated and the general attitude towards HUGS has improved.”
Customer from west Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:
“I am writing to let you know that I am moving to a new position at {Customer} as a project manager focusing on facilities projects. I have appreciated working with each of you in upgrading and supporting the Hugs system over the last couple of years. Together, we have accomplished a great deal in a pretty large, high volume and complex operation: several Hugs upgrades, re-instating routine exit testing, deploying Hugs on the new center, keeping Hugs operational through server issues recently resolved with the new VM, preparing to deploy Win 7 clients and prox card readers and ongoing support of clinical staff. I’ve always felt supported and confident that IMS would come through on any issue, and appreciate the positive and collaborative relationship I’ve experienced in working with each of you. It is evident in your work that IMS has high standards for quality, professionalism and excellent customer service. While I anticipate crossing paths with IMS in my new role as a PM, I will sincerely miss working with you on a regular basis in supporting Hugs. Thank you so much for your excellent work and support!”
Customer from east Michigan regarding IMS Sales and Service:
“I am pleased to inform you on behalf of the {Customer}, IMS has been selected as the preferred mobile cart vendor for our project. The strong relationship IMS has built with us over the past 6 + years, the aggressive pricing, and the assurance of delivering high quality service assisted us in reaching this decision. Additionally, the Howard Steer Assist technology was overwhelmingly preferred in our clinical evaluation amongst the vendors being evaluated for this business. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with IMS and Howard and hope to turn this opportunity into a mutually beneficial endeavor.”

Customer from east Michigan regarding IMS Service Team:

“The upgrade was a HUGE success. {Customer} was so happy with her new carts… We ended up fixing several problems on the carts (broken cable management boxes, scanner cords & I had housekeeping clean the carts). I repaired/replaced the cable management boxes in conjunction with Mike and Josh installing the drawers. Mike was GREAT as usual as I had him address a couple of issues not related to the Med Drawers. As usual Mike went the extra mile to help me out. We replaced the Visa mount on one cart and he fixed another Visa mount on different cart too. He had everything pre –staged for the proper lock code the client requested. After all the upgrades were complete I asked him to assist me on a GCX cart that was broke. Mike was able to get the cart lowered because it was stuck way HIGH making it difficult for some of the nurses to use. We took the cart out of the patient room and worked on it in a conference room. {Customer} was so happy and it was great to get this issue addressed.”

Customer from west Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team:

“Thank you for providing us with this information and all the other information we have requested in the recent past. We are trying to get ourselves in a better position to support the Hugs system and all of its components without needing to rely on IMS for every little thing. That being said I want you and the others we have been working with at IMS in the past few months to know that we appreciate you doing your job in a timely and efficient manner while honoring the service agreements we have in place with you – our experience with IMS has been exceptional, especially when compared to what we go through with other vendors. I realize that working with an organization this size can be frustrating and we are working to make it easier for everyone involved with the support of Hugs.”

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS IT Team:

“Ron knows I am a straight shooter and I truly enjoy working with him and he is the best vendor I have ever worked with.” 

Customer from west Virginia regarding the IMS Project Team:

“I want to thank all of you especially Leah and Scott for making this all happen so fast. Everyone was so kind, professional and assisted me due to the urgency of this project. I really appreciate what you did and look forward to working with you all in the future."

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