A large percentage of our business at Innovative Medical Systems (IMS) revolves around providing system solutions to improve customer efficiencies and solve customer problems. As a result, IMS has invested heavily in a talented team of people, equipment, and software applications to become one of the largest vendors in the country for Patient Security Systems and more recently, Real Time Locating Systems. Our success involves every department at IMS. Our teams take a proactive, collaborative approach to opportunities and projects. We intentionally limit the number of vendors and systems we work with and help manage. Why do we do this? To ensure we represent only the Best of Breed solutions. Moreover, our only customers are healthcare facilities, allowing us to be experts in our focus.  


Our process was developed as a result of constant quality review and improvements from installing 300 plus systems to date.  And it continues to improve! Below is a summary of our proven process, delivering more than 99% of our installations on budget, on schedule, and without change orders.  Our customer testimonials speak to this, (http://www.innovative-medical.com/testimonials).

Understanding the Problem

This process starts when the IMS Account Manager meets with the Customer Team to listen and discuss the problem at hand.  As part of this process, we encourage customer interaction to include other departments such as Information Technology, Biomedical Engineering, and Facilities Engineering. Their participation brings additional input allowing greater understanding of the problem and/or solution. After this, the IMS Account Manager presents the customer with the Best of Breed solution and explains how it resolves the problem.

Document System Requirements

The IMS Account Manager starts the process using a System Specification Worksheet (SSW). Every SSW is designed by IMS specific to each solution guiding the IMS Account Manager and customer through a detailed set of questions to define the proposed system requirements. The SSW includes detailed information on the system configuration along with regulatory requirements such as Life Safety, where applicable. In addition to the SSW, we also use customer provided floor plans to document work flow.

System Design

The documented system requirements and floor plans are forwarded to and reviewed by the Product Management group. Any required quote requests for services such as door locking, access control, fire alarm, and elevator control interfaces are then prepared. These bid requests are sent to the preferred customer contractors along with a complete set of floor plans and detailed interface specifications. This service is provided by IMS at no charge, and all bids are approved and directly awarded to the contractor by the customer. IMS has learned from experience this service provides accurate customer pricing and avoids unwanted change orders after the project is approved.

Once the contractor is chosen, the IMS Project Management Team steps in and completes both the system design and bill of materials. The system design process includes scaled CAD design component layouts on customer’s provided floor plans. The entire Project Management Team has completed manufacturer approved training and has hands on field installation experience.

A formal proposal is then developed and delivered to the customer including detailed system pricing, floor plan design, and vendor pricing or estimates for door locking and other interfaces. The customer can now submit this pricing for budgetary purposes knowing they have a professionally designed and priced solution.

System Installation

Once a PO is awarded, the IMS Project Management Team reviews the original system design and creates cable designs along with final floor plan component drawings. A target installation date is confirmed and coordinated with all contractors and customer contacts involved. IMS then assigns an Installation Team to the project.

The Installation Team completes the system installation as defined in the detailed documentation, and a customer walk through is performed to confirm the installation meets the system design specifications. 

System Go Live

User training is then scheduled and provided by the IMS Training Team. Once the training is completed, the Installation Team completes a system cut over and the system goes live. The IMS Training and Installation Teams continue to monitor system operations and performance for one year, making any required adjustments to fine tune the system’s overall performance. After the warranty period expires, IMS offers multiple levels of support agreements to proactively keep the system performing with greater than 99 percent uptime.

These processes are just a glimpse into the level of detail everyone at IMS puts into providing each customer with a successful system implementation.  Our first Patient Security System was implemented back in 1998. That system is still in operation with the latest software due to an annual agreement renewing our commitment to ongoing support.

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