As the Marketing Communications Specialist, I could blog about what we do; We are a systems integrator for complex hardware and software solutions before, during and after the sale. But that does not convey WHO Innovative Medical Systems (IMS) is nor does it say WHY we are different and WHY it matters.     

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When I walked through the doors at IMS in June, like any new job, I had no idea what to expect about the culture, my boss, co-workers and more importantly would I find the work rewarding and challenging? What was evident on day one was that IMS was different.  Different in a way I have never experienced before in my 20+ working years. It starts with the IMS culture, how they approach business, their extensive product knowledge and the level of commitment they show their customers, partners and employees.  It is evident they do not take relationships for granted. 


IMS’s culture is not about unlimited vacation days, ping-pong, or bean bags but instead its culture is rooted in tradition and stewardship. This approach has earned the company a reputation within the healthcare industry as a company that “Makes It All Work Together”. Making “Ugly Systems” work is complex and to “Make It All Work Together” it is imperative to have the right team leading the project and having the IMS team with you at the helm is a smart choice. The knowledgeable employees at IMS truly care about what they do. Every day I have the privilege of working with dedicated employees who work hard to service clients and deliver a high level of customer service. Now before you say “Hogwash”, I encourage you to keep reading. It is different, I promise! 

IMS’s culture is truly about serving people and this vision of stewardship begins with the owners of the company; Dan DeJong, Jack VandenBroek and Ray Cebulski. Their tireless dedication to ensure they always “Do The Right Thing” inspires those who work for them. I know this sounds Pollyanna, and maybe it is, but it really is the culture at IMS. Every day I work side-by-side with leaders who:

  • Value work-life balance
  • Have strong work ethics
  • Are driven to be successful both professionally and personally
  • Give selflessly to create a company that people want to do business with
  • Challenge employees to be strategic thinkers
  • Insure their employees are knowledgeable in/with various complex systems


The cliché that change is constant is clearly evident in the healthcare environment and keeping pace with technological advancements is time consuming. At IMS, we take that burden on. Our “Best of Class” approach to complex systems gives us the ability to gain and share knowledge on the right technology solution for the environment.

E.g. New ER opening with shiny white tile, curtain room separators, that wants to optimize and track patient flow. What kind of real time locating infrastructure and software work best: active tags, passive tags, radio frequency, infrared, ultrasound or Wi-Fi? Or is it a combination of these systems that will optimize your investment?

Each type of technology performs best in certain conditions with specific parameters. Often the optimal ROI is achieved through a mix of systems and components. The team at IMS has painstakingly trained on all these various components to insure they can properly advise, install, support and train customers and prospective customers.

System integrations are complex. They're ugly. They involve many departments and involve a significant capital investment that needs to show a quantifiable ROI. Customers rely on IMS for honest evaluations, competitive pricing, detailed installation plans and 24/7 time-sensitive support. Read Testimonials about Our Awesome Team 

The level of detail and attention our team provides includes:

  • Complex and intricate details in our CAD drawings
  • Accuracy and micro bits of information in our Statement of Work documents
  • Cleanliness with installations. You should see our tidy wire bundles! 

Each one is a testament to the level of detail and service we provide. When combined with our culture, knowledge of “Best in Class” technology solutions, fair pricing and honest and knowledgeable assessments, you do business with a company that “Makes It All Work Together” now and in the future.


This is WHO we are. Our approach to doing business is “old school” and we still believe a handshake means something in business. Our traditional values guide us in business. There are business critics that say to toss aside traditional values in favor of a more unstructured approach and that there is no such thing as loyalty. Instead we choose to silence those critics by staying true to what has been a successful business mantra for over 29 years; integrity, fairness, attention to detail, customer service and extensive product knowledge.

We believe in loyalty and that is why we still have our first HUGS Infant Security System customer and many long time employees. But do not mistake our traditional values with being un-adaptable. We are also aware that one needs to be nimble and adaptive to change. Working with partners on cutting edge technology keeps IMS nimble and adaptive to the changes imposed upon healthcare.

Why Does It Matter?

Bottom line is that there is no one like IMS; Who offers what IMS offers. There are lots of technology companies with a lot of options to choose. Many companies offer a one sided approach with their own specific technology but is that what is best for your needs? Investing in complex system integration is a huge financial investment and finding the right partner to navigate this complexity is essential. 

IMS distributes “Best in Class” solutions, helping to handle complex hardware and software installations seamlessly, but in the end it is also about the knowledge, the integrity, and the service that supports your purchase. We are there at every stage, beginning, installation, training and service.

Give them a call today to talk about ugly systems. Tell Julie that Laura asked you to call. We encourage you to be our critic!

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