“Rooming-In”. This term is no longer new. The practice has been increasing greatly for nearly a decade. Labor and Delivery Units across the nation have been changing their workflows to allow newborns to stay in the same room as the mother during their hospital stay.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Rooming-In is creating a better experience for the postpartum mother. The advantages of rooming-in greatly outweigh the disadvantages to this practice, however realistically it prepares parents for life at home. Having the crib next to the mother’s bed allows time for mom to easily become confident and care for her newborns needs while she is recuperating.

Some hospitals have remodeled the whole OB department to allow for rooming-in. With this came the need for efficiencies that would assist new parents in caring for their newborn. Convergint-Innovative Medical has helped fill that need.


Lower height and height-adjustable bassinets

Postpartum moms can experience a myriad of physical issues, which may require them to remain in bed for a time. They become a fall risk if trying to walk, requiring the hospital to put the bed in the lowest position when not treating the patient. For this purpose, both the Compact Bassinet and the Height-Adjustable Bassinets are available.


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The Compact Bassinet is shorter than the standard bassinet, so that when rooming-in and moms’ bed is at the lowest height, she can easily reach the infant and supplies without the risk of falling. This bassinet can be a warm woodgrain Laminate or Thermofoil and is also available in nine antimicrobial colors.


The Height-Adjustable Bassinet can be brought down to the height of the mother’s bed or if the infant is being cared for by staff or family member, can be adjusted up to ten inches higher. This bassinet is available in a variety of woodgrains and plain colors in KYDEX & thermofilm combinations.



The Bathinet was the dream of a hospital clinician who was looking for a roaming bathing cart. She didn’t particularly like the cold stainless-steel versions she found available, and asked if we could make a cart to match all their OB furniture.

The purpose of the cart is for training new parents how to bathe their newborn in a calm environment, and in their own room. In combination with Immersion Bathing 24 hours after birth, it’s been found to help newborns retain their temperature a more stable heart rate and decreases crying and stress.

The Bathinet cart is waterproof and built of antimicrobial polymer and available in nine colors! Tubs are removable, include a pour spout and temperature indicator. Disposable Liners are available to make clean-up a cinch before moving onto the next room.


Rooming-In Labor Delivery Carts ConvergintRooming-In Labor Delivery Cart Equipment

Scale Cart

With rooming-in came the need to move the Scale from room to room securely on a cart top as needed for each delivery. This cart can be easily reconfigured to includes all drawers or a closed bottom.


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Convergint-Innovative Medical worked hand in hand with our manufacture and hospitals to develop cost effective solutions to resolve the new challenges that OB Departments face since rooming-in. Solutions that make the clinician’s job simpler because they align with a new workflow. Our relationship with the OB Departments over the years is one of practical solutions that protect, transition, and expedite workflows yet maintain room aesthetics and maximize infection control.