Infection Control

infection control

Prevent infection and protect patients with visibility platform into equipment, people and track it all in real-time. The improved visibility provides a means for healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infection, increase patient safety and receive immediate contamination alerts. Monitoring infections provides a cost-effective means to automatically capture compliance and noncompliance events 24/7. For full infection control layer  multiple applications stacked on your infrastructure:

Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • Dispensers are integrated with sensors from major manufacturers
  • Reminders to staff to encourage compliance in real-time
  • Staff badges communicate with dispensers to automatically collect hand washing compliance data
OR-ED Workflow 
  • Track soiled surgical trays and utensils by location and their point in the sterilization process
  • Staff receives an instant alert if a tray misses a stage in the sterilization process
Environmental Monitoring
  • Ensure that essential assets like blood, vaccines, lab samples and organs are stored and maintained at regulation temperatures
  • Automate 24/7 monitoring of air pressure to reduce the risk of airborne infections and illnesses
  • Improve patient safety with real-time alerts when air pressure measurements are sensed above or below set
Patient Tracking
  • Track patient interactions with other patients, clinical staff and facility equipment
  • Automatic contact tracing can help ensure facilities are meeting CDC infection control recommendations
  • Isolate those with possible infection risk

Asset Management
  • Track equipment-to-patient interactions
  • Automated infection risk alerts

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