Proven Reliability Against the Demands of the 24/7/365 Healthcare Ecosystem

Clinician and patient focused carts to support workflow, technology and aesthetics. Whether standard, customized or fully custom, solutions for OB as well as other units in the hospital, clinics and extended care facilities

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Workflow & Productivity
Workflow & Productivity

• Display mounts: dual/single
• Flip-up side surface 
• Locks: keyed, punch code, electronic
• Many optional accessories

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Infection Control
Infection Control

• Tested on common germicidals
• Seamless Thermofoil 
• Standard stainless steel handles
• SpillGuard tops contain minor spills

Ease of Use & Mobility
Ease of Use & Mobility

• 5” diameter premium casters
• Locking casters w/opt. directional
• Detents in drawer & slideouts
• Ergonomic-height 

Full Line of OB Furniture


Customizable to Meet Your Workflow


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Who is IMS? Why do business with IMS?

The more someone does something, the better they are at doing it. The same is true with Innovative Medical Systems. Our experience working on designing furniture that fits your workflow allows us the insight to help you scale throughout your ecosystem. 

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What IMS Does Differently?
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Why IMS?
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Tech Integrated Mobile Sedation Cart

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