Our Overbed Table features were designed by clinicians to provide an ergonomically friendly table that reduces infection control issues by minimizing areas in which dust and dirt can collect. 


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Features include:

  • Base moves easily and under virtually any patient bed, stretcher or recliner.
  • Column-mounted accessories improve care delivery and provide greater patient convenience (e.g., baskets, urinal hook, etc.).
  • One-hand actuation of table height and optional secondary surface (unlike hard-to-operate and disinfect sliding-top designs).
  • Variety of tabletop shapes for specialty areas; unique and ideal for Bariatric or Labor & Delivery—cut-outs that allow the table to move closer to the patient, especially for a mother to provide comfortable support when leaning forward for an epidural.


Jellybean Overbed 300x300

Jelly Bean Shaped

Peanut Overbed 300x300

Peanut Shaped

Light Colored Overbed 300x300

Optional Accessories

overbed table 300

Flip-Up Table

overbed 600

Spill-Guard Edge with Flip-Up

z15-1111-0050N on white

Vanity and Small Shelves