Height Adjustable - Single Bassinet


The new FDA 510 (k) Registered Guardian Rise Bassinet by MedViron is now available to order!  It has received great reviews from testing hospitals, staff and patients.  Height-adjustability, pass-through drawers and durable KYDEX finish are just a few of the features provided on this Bassinet. 

Available in six standard colors. This bassinet is manufactured in Michigan, U.S.A. This bassinet has four height adjustment handles (patent pending), one in each corner, that can be used independently to raise or lower the Bassinet's surface height.  

Work surface heights set at an appropriate level for a specific caregiver can improve performance and the quality of patient care.  Also, the concave curves of the base panel allow caregivers to stand close to the work surface and get close to the newborn.





Standard Height - Single Bassinet

Thoughtfully designed with clinical input to meet your ever-changing environment. It is functional, maneuverable, and has finish option so that it fits within the hospital environment. Backed by a five year warranty and plenty of options so that it meets your workflow.

Dimensions are 34”W x 21”D x 37.5”H. Configurations can include a variety of door, drawer combos or even a custom configuration can fit your needs best. These bassinets are designed and built for the 24/7/365 demands of the healthcare environment. They have premium heavy-duty drawer slides with detents to prevent opening while cart in motion and have 5" casters so that maneuverability is easy and ergonomically functional. 

Lower Height - Single Bassinet 

This bassinet is also known as the Compact Bassinet. This bassinet was specially designed to assist with “rooming-in” and fall risk avoidance as well as the desire to have a non-clinical aesthetic, rather one that is more ‘spa’ or home-like in its appearance. Rooming-in lower height bassinet reduces strain on mom to reach for/with baby. Thus helping to possibly reduce fall risk of baby, and mom.  Even with the lower bassinet rest assure that the tub has tub-tilt limiters in place to prevent tub flip-out caused by a toddler
sibling pulling up for a better view of their new baby brother/sister.

CBB on white-1


twin bassinet


Standard Height - Twin Bassinet

Twin siblings can share a bassinet safely because each has their own tub/mattress. Families love that they can also be photographed and moved around together; staff appreciates the convenience of moving them in one trip, by one nurse—a great benefit to your work flow and "must have” for any Labor and Delivery Department.

Infection Control-Prevention is Key

It all begins with the finish on the bassinet. Is there a wood finish? Laminate? Or thermofoil finish? What is the best way to keep your finish germ free? In a recent inquiry to the Joint Commission about the cleanliness of worn finishes, they said, 

“Joint Commission response as of 3/31/17: While the Joint Commission standards are not specific as to the finishes for furniture or equipment, organizations are required to utilize and maintain equipment and furnishing based on manufacturer’s instructions for use or an alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) program (specific to medical and utilities equipment). Additionally, the organization needs to consider evidence-based guidelines as to the cleaning and disinfecting of the equipment, such as those found with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If the surfaces are not cleanable or are porous, they are no longer providing a cleanable surface that can be appropriately disinfected. Please refer to these guidelines or other reputable evidence-based guidelines for further guidance. If you have additional questions, please visit the Standards Interpretation page on our website.”



Please take note of the following cleansers and if your finish is worn, you may want to reconsider the timeline on replacing furniture that is themofoiled coated. Call us!  Below is a document from our Patient Care Furniture partner on the approved germicidal cleansers for our furniture. Some approved cleansers include:

  •  Wex-cide 128
  • Cavicide & Cavi-Wipes
  • Virex II 256, Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant
  • PDI Sani-Cloth® Plus Germicidal Wipes and PDI Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Wipes
  • Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner
  • Cleaning residue left by cleaning agent may continue to degrade surfaces and shorten their life and/or affect their appearance. We recommend a final wipe down with a wet clean cloth to prevent this.