I was recently prompted by my computer to change my password because a new password is required in five days. . . four days . . . three days etc. In other words, I need to get ahead of things, make the necessary change now instead of waiting until the last minute and risk potential computer lockout.changes ahead.jpg

One of my bosses, known for wise and dramatic statements says, “Healthcare is going to have to adopt the methods of Mr. Henry Ford if it is to survive.” His point is not that healthcare needs to become mechanized and dehumanized.  The point is that medicine and human services need to become highly organized and efficient.  Where is the doctor?  Where is the nurse?  Where is the patient?  Is the room clean?  Is the equipment available?  Are the necessary tools and supplies nearby?

Locating technology, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), has the power to change the efficiency of the healthcare ecosystem. The good news is, in many cases hospitals have already invested in products that include Real Time Location features.  The bad news is, most hospitals have only begun to realize the potential of such powerful tools. These systems are vastly under-utilized because, often, the owners of the systems are faced with the technical challenges of implementation and integration into the daily routines of patient care and hospital management. The most expensive products purchased by many hospitals today are the ones they do not use!  The product has been purchased and people are frozen with fear trying to understand it and use it effectively.

At Innovative Medical Systems (IMS) we are already involved on the front lines of these complex system integrations. We are integrators of “ugly” systems that will change, for the better, the way things work in healthcare. Consulting on the integration of existing systems and explaining their potential for maximum impact is what we do best.

Give us a call to talk about what you already have installed. Serving people is what we do! Our company byline is, “In the hospital we make it all work together.”  I echo the prompt of my computer, “Consider changing . . .now.