Are you looking for solutions to meet the high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout? We have mobile solutions available to quickly set up vaccine stations without taxing your current carts and equipment. These solutions provide your team a dedicated place to administer injections, testing and data-entry record keeping.   


Our Medical Grade Vaccine Carts are available in powered or non-powered models, all with sit-to-stand capabilities. Options can include lockable storage drawers and baskets for supplies, sharps disposal containers, sani-wipe holders, waste bins, hand sanitizer holders, and other accessories to meet your workflow needs. The carts arrive fully assembled ready to add your technology and deploy into action.

With Federal funding grants available, our affordable vaccine stations can be re-purposed after the pandemic to use for charting and bedside data-entry.

Our customers include hospitals, healthcare agencies, clinics, pharmacies, and even temporary outdoor clinics for both COVID testing and vaccinating. IMS has over 30 years of experience in finding solutions for our customers, and meeting the needs of healthcare professionals. We have provided thousands of carts for hundreds of facilities and can help find the perfect solution to meet your needs too.