emr computer carts

1 minute read

Vaccine Carts-Highly Mobile & Customizable

Are you looking for solutions to meet the high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout? We have...
1 minute read

Too Many Computers?

Just a brief decade ago, computers and electronic charting were trickling into many hospital...
2 minute read

Do You Want Your House Built by the Low Bidder?

Organizations always want “the most bang for the buck” to maximize available dollars for a...


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WOW's and More

Throughout the year we plan to highlight our various product management teams. Our goal is to...
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Reducing Errors At The Bedside

Creating a specimen label at the bedside improves patient safety by avoiding errors and...
2 minute read

Preventing Downtime on Mobile Computer Carts

What’s the best way to reduce the likelihood of equipment failing? Preventive maintenance. It’s...