Just a brief decade ago, computers and electronic charting were trickling into many hospital environments.  Then came electronic medical/health records and the flood gates opened – computers were needed everywhere.  Desktops, laptops, WOWs (workstations on wheels), tablets, smart phones, and more. 

Now that it’s time to refresh these computing devices, how many are really needed?  Have departments changed, moved, been eliminated, consolidated, updated, outsourced, in-sourced, or remodeled?  Are the staffing levels the same or have efficiencies enabled fewer caregivers to serve the same census?  (or perhaps driven by economics rather than efficiencies?)  Were computers put everywhere “just in case” they might be needed or deployed for peak periods rather than average/typical loads? 

laptop graveyard

I’ve had several hospital IT professionals tell me they have too many devices frequently seen unused, but when they ask about them they are told it must be a slow day or are offered another unsubstantiated explanation. In other words, “I don’t care if it’s not being used, you’re not going to take it away from my department.”

  • What if there was an objective way to know with certainty if computing devices are being used and how often?
  • What is the financial implication of a 2% reduction in devices and related costs?
    • Hardware
    • Peripherals
    • Licensing
    • Support
    • Acquisition
    • Deployment
    • Disposal

We can help you re-fresh with confidence by deploying a patented client utility that captures usage based on actual mouse clicks and keystrokes.  In other words, objective data that removes the guesswork and conclusions based only on observation so you can “right size” the number of computer devices and realize the financial benefits.

Speaking with IT professionals every day, we understand the challenges of having to do more with less while still maximizing up-time.  We can help meet part of this challenge with a tool that centralizes computer monitoring, provides objective data to track device usage, forecasts computer replacement needs, and accurately addresses unsubstantiated explanations.  Can we join you in exploring this solution as a fit for your situation?