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Speaking with IT professionals every day, we understand the challenges of having to do more with less while still maximizing up-time.  We can help meet part of this challenge with a tool that centralizes computer monitoring, provides objective data to track device usage, forecasts computer replacement needs, and accurately addresses unsubstantiated explanations. 

You can save time, and money by effectively managing your battery powered mobile computer carts, tablets and laptops. This breakthrough technology brings a voice to your technology letting you know when you need to charge your device. The solution alerts users of depleted battery levels via soothing configurable audible and animated alerts while protecting the battery when unattended.

The state-of-the-art product helps customers improve operating efficiencies, enhance value, and generate environmentally-responsible power consumption by efficiently managing device power consumption levels, giving them a return on their investment year after year. Time2Talk’s power management solutions increases product up time, extends long term battery life, and reduces energy expenses.


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