Creating a specimen label at the bedside improves patient safety by avoiding errors and misidentification and satisfies HIPAA requirements. Printing labels immediately after taking a sample also improves clinician efficiency. But how do you add a label printer to your already-cluttered computer cart or wall mount worksurface space?

At IMS we’re working with customers that use Zebra label printers, and we’ve custom designed multiple solutions to install Zebra label printers on mobile computer carts and/or wall arm mounts. These universal mounting solutions install anywhere with a display utilizing the 75 or 100mm VESA pattern. These mounts allow the printer to be placed either directly behind the display within the footprint of your mobile computer carts or to the side of the display for easy access when installed. The side mount bracket is adjustable in length, so it accommodates a variety of screen sizes. As screen sizes continue to increase, our mounts will work. Even as customers upgrade to 17” laptops, we keep the screen completely visible and the worksurface free! Other considerations:

Iso Left Rear.jpg

  • Because customer preferences differ and hospital rooms vary in shape and size, our mounts are reversible and can be installed on the left or right
  • The mount can be installed angled toward the user for easier access
  • If there’s a need to access the Zebra barcode label on the bottom of the printer to pair it for printing, we’ve designed access slots for scanning
  • Need to mount a tethered or wireless barcode scanner alongside a label printer? It can be done
  • Mounting solutions can be mixed and matched to fit each department’s need
  • Our lineup of label printer mounts are versatile, cost effective, and work nearly universally across EMR computer carts and wall mount workstations.

Worried about installation? It’s easy!Rear zebra and barcode mts (002).jpg

To install your Zebra printer onto the mount, we provide thumb screws making installation quick and easy. By screwing into the mount and back of monitor, there’s no need to worry about infection control and workstation cleanability. There’s no Velcro or tape.

By consulting with our customers, IMS has developed solutions that meet multiple needs and solve problems both big and small. We look forward to discussing these mounts with your team. Call us today to get the conversation started.

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