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There is growing interest in Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Rightly so! With the ability to locate staff members, patients, products and important (expensive) equipment, I believe RTLS is going to revolutionize the healthcare industry by improving security, speed, savings, services and patient satisfaction. But who will you call to implement, consult and integrate an RTLS system? They are complicated, and putting it all together and making it work is overwhelming. 

When a co-worker sent me a copy of RTLS for Dummies, I didn’t know whether to be offended or express thanks for a new book. I perused the table of contents and chapter 17 jumped out at me, “Ten things you should look for in an RTLS Vendor”.   I thought, “Hey, our company is heavily involved in RTLS.  I wonder how IMS looks in comparison to the Ten Things list?" I have distilled and abbreviated the list found in RTLS for Dummies below. These are important questions for consideration if you are looking for an RTLS solution.

  1. Is the vendor fully invested in RTLS and its future? Will they be there for you?
  2. Can the vendor supply all products (tags, readers, middleware) needed to deploy?
  3. Does the vendor conduct an onsite survey to determine needs? How about a detailed floor plan that outlines the equipment needed?
  4. Is the vendor able to support your system, and offer feedback for improvement as the system and applications grow?
  5. Will the proof of concept demonstrate real time performance, in resolution and accuracy?
  6. Does the vendor have the capability to assist remotely?
  7. Is the vendor stuck on a proprietary solution or will your facility benefit from a range of RTLS equipment that is specific to your needs?

I found that Innovative Medical Systems' (IMS) experience, attention to details and knowledge was exactly what the book outlined. For 30 years, IMS has worked at providing technical solutions to situations that vary from site to site.  Our company by-line is “In the hospital, we make it all work together” and making it all work together is what we do. And we do it well.

I was extremely encouraged when I read the Ten Things to Look for in an RTLS vendor because we match the requirements. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to insure that every RTLS installation is done right. I am excited about the potential of this new technology within the healthcare industry. Call us to explore what RTLS can do for you.

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Source: RTLS for Dummies, Chapter 17

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