introduction to rtls

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A Sit Down with Ali Youssef, Principal Mobility Architect at Henry Ford Health Systems

View our video series regarding an exclusive sit-down with Ali Youssef, Principal Mobility Expertfalse
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Flying Monkeys

This is the month when scary things are celebrated. I remember a night in my childhood, afterfalse
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“. . . some doctors were offended . . .at the suggestion that they should wash their hands.” false
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Lifecycle of an RTLS Project

Crawl, Walk, Run: Improving Clinical Efficiency and Effectiveness As an experienced knowledgeablefalse
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Leaving A Bad Taste

Even today I can still remember the first time I ate prepackaged yogurt. It was supposed to befalse
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Where’s Waldo?

If he is wearing an RTLS badge you could find him in an instant. There is growing interest in Realfalse
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First Step...

Making smart future proof investments utilizing Real Time Locating System (RTLS) technology is nofalse
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Hiring The Right Integrator

As the latest technology capabilities are adopted by healthcare, hospitals face the challenge offalse
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Locate, Manage, & Optimize Your Medical Assets w/RTLS/RFID Solutions

Patient care requires that the right medical equipment is available and ready for use when needed.false