Patient care requires that the right medical equipment is available and ready for use when needed. However, in healthcare environments nothing sits idle. Caregivers spend up to 20% of their day looking for something. It could be a pump that’s supposed to be in a supply closet or a wheelchair that’s made its way into a different department. To provide for immediate availability, most hospitals carry an equipment surplus. This surplus also adds to labor costs related to activities like preventative maintenance. Watch this webinar to learn how an RTLS-enabled asset management solution helps your hospital locate, manage, and optimize medical assets. Plus learn how to:

• Leverage location data as a foundational element and start streamlining equipment management operations.

• Leverage PAR dashboards and notifications to manage equipment levels in real-time.

• Conduct analysis of equipment usage to assist with effective equipment reallocation and informed purchase decisions.

• Analyze shrinkage trends for missing equipment.

• Prepare your organization for the change that comes with deploying RFID/RTLS solutions.

Speaker: Alex Hoffman, Product Manager at Intelligent InSites

Moderator: Innovative Medical Systems (IMS)

About the Speaker: Alex Hoffman is a Product Manager for Intelligent InSites. Alex is responsible for the strategic roadmap, marketing messaging, and services offerings for all Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring solutions. Prior to being a Product Manager Alex has held several roles in sales, partnerships, and project management. Alex holds a B.S. in Business Administration from North Dakota State University.

About the Moderator: Innovative Medical Systems is an experienced systems integrator specializing in complex hardware and software hospital installations before, during and after the sale. We ask questions, pay attention to details and make it all work together. We listen to your needs and custom design and integrate the solution to fit those needs. 

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