This is the month when scary things are celebrated.  I remember a night in my childhood, after watching the Wizard of Oz that I personally did battle with flying monkeys at the end of my bed for what seemed like an eternity.  In reality, it was probably only a few seconds at the end of a dream that was a minute or two long.  Why does something like that scare us?  Because there is potential for loss or harm to come to our existence.  flying monkey

Define scary “flying monkeys” - nightmares in your scenario...

  • Temperature monitoring that is prone to human error or mechanical failure as it  protects expensive treatments, blood products or vaccines
  • Trying to find rented equipment while runaway budget costs compound every day
  • Thousands of dollars are lost because “date sensitive” products haven’t been properly rotated  
  • Can't find equipment for preventative maintenance and calibration 
  • You are quite sure that the hospital purchased something called RTLS that may solve some of these problems and perhaps more, but you don’t know the right questions to ask or where to start or you heard many say “we couldn’t get it to work

In these cases, the solution is not the death of the Wicked Witch.  It is finding someone with answers about the application of technologies known as Real Time Location Systems (RTLS is the common reference).  RTLS is designed to create efficiency and provide a great ROI as it is deployed to solve many of these day to day issues.

On a recent conference call/plea for help, a customer was looking for something in particular in a software application. I sat in amazement as our RTLS Product Specialist (working from memory) talked him through his problem.  The process involved a thorough knowledge of the software and knowing the right questions to ask. His ability to help the customer deal with “flying monkeys” was based on “been there, done that” years of experience.  Our company by line is “In the hospital, we make it all work together.”  Your issues may not be flying monkeys or a major nightmare but a point of pain that definitely needs a solution.

What are your Flying Monkeys and how can we help you fight them?