Innovative Medical Systems (IMS) has over 30 years of experience implementing and integrating software/hardware based systems in healthcare facilities. In that time, we have developed very precise processes and supporting documentation to ensure the success of complex RTLS projects. 

The IMS Project Management team prides itself in implementing and integrating highly technical systems to meet our healthcare customer’s needs and expectations, on time, and within budget.  This is accomplished by following a disciplined and comprehensive engagement plan throughout the life cycle of the project. 

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IMS has learned that proper engagement with our customers at the earliest stages of consideration is vital to the eventual definition, design and deployment of a successful RTLS solution. Our Sales, Product Management and Project Management teams use this discovery period to truly understand customer’s challenges, objectives and priorities for all stakeholders involved in decision-making. We use a variety of pre-sale documents to capture the customer’s current workflows, state of any existing RTLS or other technologies already in use and timing and budget considerations to build out the true requirements and expectations prior to defining and designing the proper solution. All the inputs gathered are validated with customers as they move through the consideration phase toward choosing IMS for their system development.

Define & Design

Definition may be the most important phase of the project.  We believe proper scope definition is essential to the success of any project and ongoing satisfaction with the solution. Our Sales and Product teams do a superb job understanding and documenting user’s needs, educating them on system capabilities and being transparent with system deliverables.  This ensures we develop and document a well-defined scope at the initiation of a project, mitigating the risk of costly changes, missed deadlines, and customer dissatisfaction during the life of the project and beyond. 

IMS Project Managers take a supportive role during this phase of a project, providing feedback on technical capabilities, technical feasibility, infrastructure and integration requirements.  Based on the information gathered and documented, the Project Manager completes a comprehensive system design and Bill of Material (BOM) that our Product Management team uses to complete a Statement of Work (SOW) package including a detailed quote, floor plan designs, and RTLS system specifications. This is reviewed in detail with the customer, confirming what is being purchased and account for all costs and requirements of the project.


Proper planning is vital to ensure the site is ready for implementation and to avoid potential risks that could negatively impact the project. IMS Project Managers take a lead role during this phase. Once the SOW is executed and PO issued, we engage with key stakeholders and team members to officially kickoff the project and begin planning for implementation.  During initial planning meetings timelines are established, tasks defined, roles and responsibilities assigned, risks identified, and a project plan is developed.  The IMS Project Management, Product Management and Corporate Training teams work closely with the customer to understand workflows and training needs to develop a customized end-user implementation and training plan.   These planning steps allow for a smooth transition into the execution of the project.  

Execution is when the work gets done. The meticulous scope definition and planning in the previous phases of the project life cycle make implementing and integrating a complex system a much easier process.  IMS Project Managers work closely with the various internal team members and customer project team members to make sure that tasks are being completed per the project plan on-time and within scope.  This includes supporting our expert installation team, working closely with the customer’s facility, IT, and other system vendors to complete installation, integrations, and system commissioning, resulting in a fully functional system as defined in the SOW documentation.  The system is reviewed and tested with the customer for acceptance in preparation of system Go-Live.


Another critical part of the execution phase is conducting end-user training.  IMS Corporate Trainers develop a comprehensive training plan in collaboration with our customers. Our Trainers offer multiple training sessions and flexible schedules to maximize participation and ensure end-users are comfortable and confident with the system and solution.

With the system implemented and users trained we are ready to Go-Live.  Our team stays engaged onsite during the Go-Live period to provide hands-on training and technical support that ensures a successful system launch.

Following Go-Live IMS Project Management stays connected with the customer and project team to properly close out the project.  We have follow-up meetings to review lessons learned, system satisfaction, and follow-up with any open or new system issues.  We finalize all system documentation and prepare to transition the customer to our skilled technical support team for ongoing system support.  Properly closing out the project has many benefits to include process improvement and customer satisfaction.  IMS takes care of the customer after the sale and implementation to make certain the customer never feels abandoned.

The well-defined processes implemented throughout the life cycle of a project makes IMS a leader in installing and integrating complex RTLS systems with high customer satisfaction and confidence.  Our attention to detail, transparency and planning delivers projects that are on time, on budget, and within scope (IMS does not believe in costly change orders after the sale).   Our professional teams stay committed during the life cycle of a project and beyond.  We want every system we implement to be a success story for years to come.