For the month of November, IMS will honor the employees at IMS that have served in the military, by telling their story and introducing them to you. But before we do that, we want to honor and thank all the veterans that have served or are serving our country, some making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. usa

When I sat down to write this blog, I reflected on the bravery and courage that one displays when joining our military. This is a life-altering decision; one that will ultimately change the trajectory of one’s life. 

Recently a co-worker’s son left for boot camp to join the Army. The pride and fear are real. In being real and honest, some days fear dominates!  And it is not just with this one family. Families with sons and daughters serving our military can relate. Some day, I may even relate. My daughter wants to be part of the Coast Guard Search and Rescue  in two years and when the time comes for her to leave for boot camp, I too will be filled with both pride and fear. And yet, I know of another Dad who is anxiously waiting for his son to enroll in the Air Force.

Whether it's a new recruit currently serving, tenured personnel or maybe you served your time, thank you for making the  brave decision to fight for our country. Your selflessness to fight for our great country is honorable and needs to be celebrated. Some even made the ultimate sacrifice for me, a complete stranger sitting in Grand Rapids, Michigan enjoying a blessed life. ~Thank You!

Over the next month, it is our pleasure to introduce our IMS Veterans:

  • Ray Cebulski, Navy
  • Eric Stark, Navy
  • Chris Keltie, Marines
  • Jason Baker, Air Force
  • Pete Singleton, Air Force
  • Leah Mathewson, Air Force
  • Dave Robinson, Air Force
  • Josh Shaffer, Air Force
  • Scott Clemons, Air Force