As a Service Technician for Innovative Medical Systems (IMS), one of my roles is to help hospitals solve problems. The best solutions arise when a client describes the problem they are trying to solve. I take a lot of gratification when we can propose a solution that is effective, cost-efficient and works with all components within their facility. The story I am about to tell you is real. It is unique and more importantly it showcases how IMS works as a true partner with customers to resolve a problem and find the right solution.

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 A while back, I received a phone call from a customer that was looking for a solution to notify staff when assistance was needed in the therapy pool. They had received a quote from their nurse call vendor to install pull stations but the cost was 5 figures, significantly more than they could afford at that time. 

The customer knew from working with IMS, that we would investigate possible solutions and present something that would work. Since IMS distributes best-in-class products, and works with a wide variety of clients, we have unique access to finding the best affordable options available. Affordability of a solution was a big driver to helping solve this problem. If there was not something better than the nurse call pull stations, they knew that IMS had the integrity to be honest and tell them that the pull cords were the best solution.

Again, the problem was to alert staff that assistance was needed in the therapy pool.

 After mulling over all possible options, I kept coming back to the existing infrastructure and how can we leverage what was already there. Since I knew the existing system being used, and how the infrastructure worked together, the solution for the customer was within the existing platform. So, with that in mind, I realized all I really need was a staff duress tag that was waterproof. Not readily available.

I began by researching waterproof bags from an online retailer, so the staff tag could be kept dry. The staff tags we used were only water resistant, not waterproof. Additionally, the tag design allowed the tag to roll around in the bag making it not an effective option. We needed a flat tag in the bag. Our relationship with a premier vendor afforded us an insight into a flat staff tag that would effectively resolve the problem. The flat staff tags and waterproof bags worked with their existing infrastructure and was a minimal investment. Win-Win. This solution was proposed to the hospital; staff would wear these tags in the bags while in the pool area and if these tags ever sent a duress message, it was for the therapy pool. 

In the end, the solution turned out to be a very simple, low-cost solution to the problem.  When onsite a few months later, they said it was working great and they were very happy with it.  One of the benefits of working with IMS is that we often can help you save money by utilizing and leveraging systems you already have in place. This can save a hospital significantly. In the healthcare ecosystem, we make it all work together.