When considering a major system purchase it is just as important to evaluate the systems integrator, the company that will install and support the system, as it is the system itself.  You can certainly purchase the best and most technically advanced systems on the market, but if the systems integrator is not capable of properly designing, installing, implementing, and supporting the system, the end result will likely be poor or possibly one of the worst buying decisions you ever made. 

wheel 2021 Case in point: IMS has been a leading systems integrator for Patient Security Systems for over 20 years now.  We have installed and currently support over 300 systems in the Midwest.  Over the years we have been requested by the manufacturer to evaluate systems installed by other integrators that have been performing poorly.  In many of these cases the customer has become very frustrated and no longer trusts the system is operating correctly and request help from the manufacturer.  While the manufacturer does a great job of designing the components used in these systems, they typically don’t have much firsthand experience in installing, implementing or supporting the systems because they use independent system integrators to provide this service. 

IMS has always been willing to evaluate and provide a written proposal of recommended changes to bring these poorly performing systems back up to manufacturer specifications.  In many cases we simply find the system was not properly designed and/or configured to meet the customers’ requirements and workflow.  We look at these as opportunities to first resolve the problems at hand and provide the customer with a working solution, and by doing this we build a relationship with the customer for ongoing support and future needs. 

IMS has been in business now for over 30 years and providing service and support has always been a major part of that business. We have some of the best technicians and support staff in the industry and have installed more Patient Security Systems than any other integrator in the world.  With our experience you can rest assured if you purchase a system from IMS, it will be designed, installed, implemented, and supported by one of the best integrators in the industry.