At IMS we specialize in four different product groups. One of those groups is EMR Computer Mounting Solutions, designed to mount the computer, display, and keyboard for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data entry.  One of the most popular products for EMR data entry is the Workstation on Wheels cart (WOW) used by clinical staff as a mobile charting solution. 

The WOW can be upgraded to include large format computer displays, secure locking drawers for med distribution, RFID readers, Barcode Scanner Mounts, Sani-Cloth mounts, and many other accessories. The devices mounted on the WOW can be powered by the onboard power system, providing several hours of continuous mobile use.  As with any device in a 24/7 healthcare environment, they typically require scheduled maintenance.  With our only focus being healthcare and strong relationships onsite in the hospital as a result of supporting Patient Security Systems, we offer a full range of support options for WOWs purchased from IMS.  howard e series 2019

One customer in particular has purchased over 800 WOW’s from IMS, which was a large investment.  Realizing this, they decided to make the investment to maintain those WOWs by contracting with IMS to perform scheduled preventive maintenance services (PMs) every two years.  This has kept the entire fleet in top working condition, by cleaning filters, and replacing parts. Our customer effectively extended the usefulness of their fleet by several years.  Many of their WOWs are still in use nearly 13 years after purchasing and are just now being considered for replacement.

We believe if you invest in a quality product at the time of purchase and continue to maintain that product, you can extend the product lifespan by two or possibly three times other products. Our support and preventive maintenance plans are developed to truly prevent unexpected failures, extend the lifespan of the carts, and save our customers money by replacing their carts less often.