super bowl trophyThe annual championship game of the National Football League is where the top two NFL teams battle it out on the field to determine a winner. Winner takes all.  The Super Bowl is the elite invitation to be the best! It is also when companies spend significant money to get us to talk about their commercials and their brand. Were they the sentimental favorite? Was it funny? Was it inspirational? The brand winner gets rewarded with media buzz and increased revenues. At IMS, our Service Team is the elite team that makes it all work in your hospital. Available 24/7, 365. Don't take my word for it. Here is what you had to say about them: 

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team: "I hope you and the rest of the IMS staff had a great holiday, and hope you all do well moving ahead. As I previously mentioned, you have been the best vendor I’ve worked with while in my role and you definitely set the bar. Thank you for all your time, patience, and continued excellence in service to our site!"

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team: "Just wanted to reach out to you and say that your support group has been the best support group I’ve worked with, here at "Hospital A" and "Hospital B". The team provides very good follow up, follows up proactively on issues, and the local tech Mike Keenan has always been responsive and helpful. Good job on the team and the work!"

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Service Team: " Bob Chenoweth and team! Just wanted to say it was a great pleasure to work with the whole IMS Staff throughout this process! Thanks for all you did!

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team: "Scott Clemons and Lee Philpot from IMS were the best vendors that I ever worked with." 

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team: I’m sending this email a couple days late.  I wanted to let you know that Mike Rittner and Wayne did an excellent job completing the wow cart PM’s, med drawer and printer bracket installs. The carts look 100% better and we will be ready for the Go-Live for the new Lab label system.  Special thanks to Josh for getting everything delivered on time as promised. Thanks again to IMS for the excellent support.

Customer from Minnesota regarding the IMS Team: “We allowed our SMA to lapse and were hesitant to bring it up to speed because of cost.  When we considered the cost of becoming current, we decided to shop around and investigate other Patient Security Systems.  When it came right down to it, we contacted IMS fearful of being charged excessive cost to get our system up to standards. And I quote "I was expecting to get hosed!"  What I found when the numbers came in was a company who was being extremely fair even though we were "stepchildren who had refused to stay current." The staff here really appreciates the grace, fairness and helpfulness which our hospital experienced with IMS.”

Customer from a large IDN regarding the IMS Service Team: “Hi Jason and Ron. I just want to say Thank You to you and your teams for the HUGS upgrades. The timelines were crazy but you and your organization really responded. I have to say this was one of the most satisfying engagements I’ve had with a vendor in some time, and I appreciate all you and your teams did to get this complete. Mike Keenan was tremendous to work with, very professional and great customer skills. Mike did an excellent job with all the variables he had to deal with. I certainly was pleased with all he did. Thank you again for your efforts.”

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Team: "It has been my pleasure to work with you and IMS. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad interaction with anyone going from the front office all the way up to Ron during my experience with HUGS –around 17 years!! The knowledge, friendly manner and patience displayed by all of you during some very trying interactions has been beyond belief. I thank you for getting both hospitals up to date with servers,  hardware, versions etc. IMS is at the top of my list for the highest quality vendor!!"

Customer from Ohio regarding the IMS Service Team: “Not sure who Gabe’s boss is so I am sending this to you guys, Gabe and crew did an excellent installation job here for us. Please pass this along to your higher ups and let them know that with Gabe’s leadership and knowledge along with explaining this process to our staff; this is just a great experience. You should be proud of the work these gentlemen have done!!!!!”

Customer from Michigan regarding the IMS Service Team: “I just wanted to let you know that for the second time I have had to deal with Michael about a trouble cart, he has been absolutely incredible! I believe I first contacted him Monday about the cart, and as of COB today, I have the faulty inverter labeled and ready to send back! He has been outstanding at providing me support for our Howard Carts!”