Time is of the essence when a new mom hemorrhages after childbirth, often the difference between life and death. Save lives by having hemorrhage supplies readily available. Sounds extreme, but when one looks at the studies and key findings, it is clear; timing is critical. More disturbing is the trend line for the U.S. 

Stats and procedures to consider:

  • According to the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, Readiness (every unit) should include:
    • Hemorrhage Cart / with Procedural Instructions (balloons, compression stiches)
    • Rapid access to hemorrhage medications (kit or equivalent)
    • Establish a response team: multiple partnerships, unit education, drills, debriefs
    • Establish MTP and 0-neg/uncrossmatched transfusion protocols
  • According to a recent USA Today article,
    • ”Every year, thousands of women suffer life-altering injuries or die during childbirth.”
    • “Two women die in childbirth almost every day in America, almost 700 a year. Half of these deaths can be prevented.”
    • About 137 women per day, 50,000 per year – suffer severe complications or life threatening injuries in the OB.
IMS has been working hand in hand with hospitals all across the US to provide a medical cart configured as a Hemorrhage cart to fit their workflow and specific needs. Call us today to talk about your workflow and how a hemorrhage cart may help save lives in your OB.