When was the last time you received great customer service? Did someone go out of the way? Did they listen when you were upset? I cannot remember the last time I received service that made me want to shout their praises. Before talking about customer service being a lost art, we need to define what customer service is. customerservice

According to dictionary.com, ”Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.” With this broad of a definition, it is easy to see why customer service is not as prevalent as is should be. At IMS, we take customer service very seriously and understand that having your business is why we are still in business, 30 years later. When associates were asked what we do to provide customer service, here is their response along with some other IMS perspectives:

  1. To us customer service is first and foremost listening to your needs - Laura Turley, Marketing
  2. We pride ourselves on having a real person answer the phone during business hours. Why is that important? Have you got caught in an automated system, pushing numbers only to get disconnected when you finally connect with a real person? We do not want that experience when you call IMS - previous blog post
  3. We are proud of the way our Service Technicians complete a job, always making it better than when they found it. Have you seen their wire bundle in the computer closet? Impressive! - previous blog post
  4. Our team does what they say they will do - Mike Norkus, Service Manager
  5. We always stay in contact with our customer, readily available in case of a need - Julie Vander Loo, Customer Support Services
  6. We provide fast and responsive service, with unique solutions tailored to our customers specific workflow or need - Elaine Van Dyke, Product Specialist, EMR
  7. We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction - Marlene Feistamel, Materials Management Coordinator
  8. What customers say about us...

What defines good customer service to you?