The System Administrator (SA) plays an important role in the day to day success of a Patient Security System.  The SA must have a good understanding of how the Patient Security System operates as they are typically the go-to person when there are questions. They are also the ones that often will train new staff on how to apply tags, admit patients, clear alarms, and discharge patients.sys admin-1

The Systems Admin is also the onsite person who acts as the liaison between the hospital/staff and the IMS service department. They will often be the hands and feet onsite to confirm how things are responding when IMS is providing remote support. They are also the only person authorized to request IMS to make system configuration changes.

Many of the System Administrators we work with are first and foremost clinical care providers.  As a result we always try to respect their time, but we really appreciate their willingness to work with us as it often helps resolve the problem more quickly and saves costly onsite service calls.  Below are a few key things they often do to help during the troubleshooting process.

  • They are hands-on when a tag is not working, they will either test the tag themselves or call us to test with them.
  • When a problem arises with an exit or room coverage, we will work together, and they will use a tag to test the exit or room to help find the source of the problem and confirm when it is resolved.
  • They know what resources to contact in the hospital to assist with power problems, doors that are not functioning correctly and workstation or network issues.  

We have very good relationships with all the various System Administrators we work with and we appreciate their efforts in supporting the systems.  We form a true partnership as they trust that we know what we are doing and that we are sensitive to their needs to help resolve issues.  To hear what others are saying about the IMS support team go to the following