We started 2017, with our first blog, Doing Business Differently - Culture, Change and Criticism, about how IMS is a different kind of company because of the values it holds as a way of doing business. These values are simply treating others as you want to be treated. Our clients want to do business with us because they know we are fair, thorough, and honest. Tooting our own horn about how we do business is not easy. We like to stay behind the scenes, doing what we do, the way we do. As the Marketing Director, I feel it is important to share the IMS story because the level of honestly and integrity at doing the right thing is something I am proud to share. Here are some real-world examples of how we do business differently:


Note from our trainer, Jeff Smalla, regarding a hospital in Minnesota that has a Hugs installation…

“I am training at XYZ Hospital in MN, for a couple days and just had a very encouraging meeting with their Director of Women & Children's Services. They had allowed their SMA to lapse under and were hesitant to bring it up to speed because of cost.  When they considered the cost of becoming current they decided to shop around and investigate other Patient Security Systems.  When it came right down to it, they contacted IMS fearful of being charged excessive cost to get their system up to standards (and I quote) "expecting to get hosed! What they found when the numbers came in was a company who, they felt, was being extremely fair with them even though they were "stepchildren who had refused to stay current." They really appreciate the grace, fairness and helpfulness which their hospital experienced with IMS.  IMS is faithful in telling us "good job" but these kinds of compliments reflect directly on the leadership and how our leadership chooses to conduct business.  So, it's my turn to thank you for conducting your business with grace, fairness and integrity.  In short, as they put it, for not hosing customers just because you could!”

Staff Duress proposal in Minnesota...

When asked for a recommendation on a staff duress solution, we found this hospital already had an existing Real Time Locating System – yet they were unaware of this because it was being used for another application not referred to as RTLS.  By utilizing this system, they could save significantly on the hardware and simply add a few upgrades to insure staff location visibility.  The honesty in the IMS recommendation significantly reduced profitability, but it was the right thing to do.  Honesty and integrity are more than just words at IMS. 

Success is about doing the right thing, with honesty and integrity!