It’s that time again - Spring Time.  Time to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air!

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but in the Midwest airing out a house is so refreshing!  Then comes time to clean out the cupboards, clear the drawers of clutter and junk, donate clothes from the closets and just plain minimize your belongings.  There is a great feeling about opening a closet or dresser drawer when it has been re-organized. 

A few years ago, my daughter bought a book by organizing consultant Marie Kondo.  After reading the first chapter, she said, “It was pretty clear what the point of the whole book was going to be in the first chapter.”  Marie has now become the latest craze on Netflix and is teaching many about the joy of tidying up. 

Organizing my work space is just as important as organizing my home.  It feels great coming to an area where every space has a purpose. I get excited about the idea or the gadgets that are available to help me get organized.  However, getting there isn’t always easy or fast, it takes time.

The idea of organizing a cart drawer or cabinet can sometimes seem overwhelming.  You can simplify it by taking a moment to separate supplies by category or urgency, then make the decision as to how you will go forward with keeping each item in its place. 

At Innovative Medical Systems, we found the following three (of many) organizational options to be helpful:

  • Drawer Divider Tray –these inserts, the size of the drawer, are set up with dividers and loaded with supplies. A spare, fully stocked tray in storage can be swapped out quickly for use and resupply/inventory management.
  • Drawer Divider Inserts – When the need to restock isn’t nearly as urgent, yet clarity is important, dividers can be installed for the purpose of keeping the supplies separated so that they are quick and easy to identify.
  • Flexible Dividers – the ability for the dividers to be modified as the needs of a department change or as requirements take effect is important.

seasons change

Design your desired layout, be creative, be smart about necessities.  Putting items you use often at the drawer front, and items used less often in the rear of the drawer.

If you need a new cart and require better drawer divider options to help with your workflow, contact IMS for information on available options to make your job “spark joy!”