With the increased focus on infection control within the hospital environment, every little detail counts. There is no better time than the present to increase your ability to control the spread of infection than with a cart that has antimicrobial properties built into the materials it is made from. These antimicrobial properties have never been more important than with the spread of COVID-19. 

Consider all the surfaces encountered during a busy day in the hospital. A medical supply cart can be one of the most highly touched and infected surfaces one comes in contact with.  If you are continually wiping these surfaces down and they are not fluid resistant, e.g. wood, these surfaces can break down and absorb fluids, which is not acceptable in a healthcare setting.

Innovative Medical Systems is always looking for products optimally designed for use in the hospital, and our cart manufacturer has brought us something unique, an Antimicrobial Polymer cart material. 

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Antimicrobial Polymer is a very strong, color-through material with antimicrobial properties built into the material.  It is easy to clean, and stands up to all hospital cleaning chemicals, except for 100% bleach.  This polymer is FDA-approved and LEED qualified!

Antimicrobial Polymer material can be made into any configuration of cart or cabinet you may need.  IMS offers standard configurations and specializes in cost-effectively tailoring these or we can custom design cart solutions to minimize error-prone ‘work arounds’ as well as integrating with LDR(P) room design or hospital décor. 

Call IMS at 1-800-968-3135 and ask for me (Lynda) or e-mail me  I am happy to discuss your cart needs with you!