In 1988, Innovative Medical Systems opened their doors for business. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we created IMS’s 30 Ways of Giving, a program that expands our reach within the communities we love with charities that are important to our staff. Throughout the year, IMS employees are giving and donating their time, talents and money to 30 different charities they selected. IMS has been blessed as a company with a leadership team that believes in the importance of stewardship. They created the foundation we build upon. It is our privilege to give back and have fun too.

 Charitable giving already completed:IMG_1487

 Why are we sharing this information? To toot our own horn? Sure, as the Marketing Specialist, I want to shout from the rooftops how great IMS is. But the important part I want to relay is who we are when you choose to do business with IMS. A knowledgeable company that not only cares about doing business with honesty and integrity, but a company that also gives back and cares about the communities they work within. It is the DNA of who we are as a company. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We also do not take your business for granted and appreciate the trust you put in us to earn your business. We pride ourselves on doing business differently. 

 Charities on our horizon:

We would be remiss if we not invite you to join us in supporting one of our charities in IMS’s 30 Ways of Giving.