Celebrating 30 Years With 30 Charities

Throughout the year, IMS employees are giving and donating their time, talents and money to 30 different charities to celebrate IMS's 30th Anniversary. We know how important it is to give back to the communities we work within. We invite you along with us, and would love to have your participation and support. Check back every two weeks to see a new charity!  #blessed #30years #congratsIMS


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  • http://www.meltrotter.org/home
  • What they do: Pathway Home is a collaboration between Mel Trotter and Family Promise (FP). It was created in response to an alarming increase in demand for emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness. The goal is to provide families with a safe place to stay and get them into housing as quickly as possible!  From experience, FP knows and believes that families are more capable of healing and growing in their own homes; this is very important for the children especially!  Family Promise is technically a 30 day program, but currently the average length of stay is 64 days (for 2017).  Molly at Family Promise states “The housing crisis in Grand Rapids has made it near impossible for us to reach our 30 day goal so we don't ask our families to leave at 30 days if they are doing everything they can, and that it is expected of them to keep moving forward. We understand the challenges that exist and work with our families, community, and landlords to overcome them.”  The program is only 3 years old, but together Mel Trotter Ministries and Family Promise have increased shelter capacity in Grand Rapids by 300%.  The case management aspect is the same as the other two shelter programs in the community. Because often these families arrive with only the clothes on their backs, and when they arrive at the shelter all members of the family have to change out of their clothes into pajamas (which FP provides). So they need pajamas of all sizes from Baby to Pre-Teen.  Currently the program is lowest stock of 2T-5T sizes for boys and girls. 
  •  What they need:
    • New Pajamas – Newborn to 14-16 (2T-5T boys and girls, biggest need)
    • Gently Used or New: Strollers and Pack-n-Plays
    • Diapers, All Sizes (with biggest needs sizes 4 – 5)
    • Baby Wipes
    • Boys – New Underwear and Socks
    • Towels
    • Water Bottles
    • Dolls are always welcome too (dark skinned dolls very important for dark skinned children to have)
  •  If you have questions or want to donate, please reach out to Lynda Allyn or Laura Turley.


  • https://www.bethany.org/  
  • What they do: Their organization not only focuses on foster care, and adoption but they offer many other services like mentoring, Juvenile Community Justice, even Refugee and Immigrant Service. They demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services. Bethany Christian Services is located in 36 states and works in many countries around the world. All of our U.S. offices provide pregnancy counseling and adoption services. However, only certain offices provide foster care programs and Safe Families for Children™ ministries. Internationally, Bethany has been able to replicate adoption and foster care services in countries such as China and Ethiopia. We also have a sponsorship program and other programs that support children and families overseas.
  • What they need: Cleaning supplies and toilet paper/diapers are always needed and helpful.  These items are not covered by assistance and are a basic ongoing need.
  • If you have questions or want to donate, please reach out to Jeff Smalla or Laura Turley.


  • https://www.aspca.org/
  • What they do: The mission of the ASPCA, as stated by Henry Bergh in 1866, is "to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States."
  • What they need: Cash donations, vehicle donations, advocacy opportunities (Petitions are available for animal protection issues), report animal cruelty, adopt an animal from a no kill shelter.  
  • How can we help: Make a one-time or monthly donation
  • What I’ve (Mike Keenan) done so far: Made a cash donation, signed several petitions in the advocacy center, hosted a rescue dog in my home, adopted a cat previously given up to a shelter.
  • If you have questions or want to donate, please reach out to Mike Keenan or Laura Turley.


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Jefferson County Rescue Mission in Pevely, MO - Their organization not only focuses on fighting hunger and creating opportunities to do better in life. They are also concerned about the spiritual needs of the people we reach.

  • http://jeffersoncountyrescuemission.com/home.html
  • What they do:  People in need can get regular food and clothing distributions.  There are also household items for families that may have experienced a total loss such as fire or flood.  
  • What they need:  Food donations such as canned vegetables, pasta, sauces, meat.  Really any foods would be used.  They rely on donations for food and clothing.  There are couple of times a year when the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts do food drives.  They do also use the cash donations they receive to purchase food sometimes. 
  • How can you help:  Anyone can drive down and volunteer one day a week.  Cash donations are appreciated.  Gift cards to grocery stores.  Of course, you can pray that God would send some more workers.  Volunteers are hard to keep. 
  • Keith and Liz really thanks everyone for their support. If you have questions or want to donate, please reach out to Keith Callahan or Laura Turley.


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