Helping Nursing Students Gain Experiential Learning in a Simulation Lab

We have been working with a variety of nursing schools across the US outfitting labs with computer carts, medical carts, and equipment to create a realistic training environment for up-and-coming nurses and medical assistants. A simulation center, which consist of realistic looking clinical lab rooms, manikins, and equipment, allow learners to practice and development clinical expertise without any risk of patient harm. We can help provide safe and realistic scenarios for students to learn from which help to build self-confidence, practice skills, and collaborate with faculty and other nursing students in a safe environment.

Howard Cart Nursing Simulation Lab

Healthcare is about delivering transformational care in clinics and acute care settings. Simulation labs give students real world experience with real computer carts and medication delivery carts which students will use in their new careers. Paired with an EHR system for simulated patient care, will provide an immersive learning experience for healthcare practitioners and students.

Is your school working with:

  • Federal or State grants
  • Real medical equipment
  • Realistic Manikins
  • Mock hospital room

If so, Convergint-IMS has been outfitting simulation labs for many years, with a variety of carts based on the needs of your unique training program. We can provide turn-key solutions that include washable keyboard/mouse and an All-In-One PC to allow for quick setup and deployment. Choose from customizable carts that can include locking or non-locking drawers which simulate medication delivery, barcode scanner mounts, to teach proper barcode scanning, and medication distribution protocols. Our carts provide a great space for laptops or computers with monitors to teach electronic charting.

We look forward to helping you set up your nursing simulation lab. Call our Sim Lab Specialists today at (800) 968-3135 or contact us below to learn more!