For our final long – timer blog, I’m going to introduce you to Ron Rittner.  He has worked at IMS for almost as long as the owners themselves. His history with the owners started at another company where during that time, they noticed his knowledge, hard work ethic and enjoyable personality. When they began IMS, they knew he was an asset and brought him to the IMS team. He continues to have a knowledge base that includes “techy” words that are foreign to most of us, gives 100% at everything he does and always has a smile on his face.  Ron has become a friend to me in my six years here at IMS and I always look forward to having a conversation with him, even if it means my computer isn’t working.  Recently I got to sit down with Ron and learn a little bit more about his many years at IMS. 


How long have your worked at IMS?

I started working 6 months after the company started.  So, I have been here for 29 years.

What is your current position?  How has it evolved or changed since you started here?

My current position is IT Support Manager. Originally, I began as a CBET whose focus was on supporting acute patient monitoring systems in the ICU, Surgery, Neurology and fetal monitoring systems in OB. Then I progressed to supporting the various Air Shields infant care equipment we represented. Changes in computers and technology is ever-changing, but some of the biggest shifts have been with microprocessors, networking technology and advanced Biomed instrumentation. IT departments have joined in as well by providing efficient acquisition, and storage of patient data. 

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the company or industry during your time working here?

Growth of IMS, and the expanding healthcare market. Starting from 3, in 1988 to now 50 employees to provide Healthcare with , as in other fields, microprocessors in biomedical instrumentation, are the biggest changes. When I first started working in the hospital environment, most patient monitoring equipment used vacuum tubes.

What is your fondest IMS memory?

Transition of our office network topology from Thinnet to Ethernet as well as getting my first Compaq laptop with Windows 3.1 was memorable and exciting!

Why have you stayed working at IMS?  

The work I do here is right up my alley, and challenging. There is always something new to learn.  I also knew from my past work experience with Dan, Ray and Jack that it would be an environment I enjoy working in.

What do you think is IMS biggest strength to offer to its customers?

IMS’s determination to provide customers with a solution that is structured to meet their present needs as well as future needs while providing continued support is a big strength.

What would you hope to see in the future for IMS?  Me2.jpg

Continued growth and expansion as new technologies emerge will be the future for IMS.

What are 3 fun facts about yourself? 

  1. I am always trying to discover how something works
  2. As a child, there were a few old clocks and desk radios that worked differently after I tinkered with them
  3. An appliance repairman has never been in our home

So even though, he isn’t making house calls to fix appliances, Ron is available to assist your hospital with their technology needs.