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Service, Installation and Support Agreements

IMS offers various levels of support agreements for each of our product groups. Support agreements are designed to maximize system efficiency and proactively prevent system failures.

When possible, we use remote access tools for system support allowing immediate response times 24/7/365.

  • 24 x 7 Emergency Support Services
  • Factory Trained & Certified on all supported products
  • Vendor Credentialing Compliant
  • Healthcare Training including HIPAA, ICRA
  • Asbestos Awareness and others
  • Exclusive Focus on Healthcare
Gold Support
Gold Support

Lock in our highest level of service that includes service calls for unscheduled repairs.

Silver Support
Silver Support

Still very comparative to the gold level, silver support is a sound middle of the road support that covers you but those unscheduled repairs may require additional costs.

Bronze Support
Bronze Support

Your first line of support is your internal hospital staff, then when they cannot diagnosis or fix, they will connect with IMS. 

Time and Materials
Time and Materials

Just as the name implies, you are charged for time and materials per our hourly maintenance rates.

RTLS Support
RTLS Support

The complexity of RTLS requires our highest level of service!

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