Environmental & Temperature Monitoring

enviornment monitoring

Benefits of Automated Temperature Monitoring

  1. Temperature sensors save critical data for 30-days. Even when power is out, the sensor is still working.
  2. Low power consumption for long battery life.
  3. Sensors are built for easy integration. Integrates with existing Wi-Fi networks, CenTrak 900 Mhz option various user interfaces, and the CenTrak RTLS infrastructure.
  4. Sensors are NIST certified to insure compliance with governmental environmental monitoring regulations.
  5. Software that is easy to use, customizable and provides detailed output reports and alerts when environmental monitoring needed.
  6. Elimination of clinician/staff time to log temperatures twice or more a day.
  7. Ability to track temperatures during transport, download data when WI-Fi access available.
  8. Dual sensors can log not only temps but door ajar status
  9. Alerts sent to appropriate individuals when out of compliance situations occur
  10. Enables the organization to meet all of the requirements of compliance for reporting and recording under JCAHO, CAP, AABB and others.

Environmental Monitoring Overview

Planning the right solution for your facility is a multi-step process: discovery, design, define, implement, support and customer satisfaction. We walk with you thru each step. Start the discovery process and engage with us today!

Planning An Environmental Monitoring System

What is the ROI impact by eliminating manual tracking and reducing spoilage?

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Samples
  • Blood products
  • Vaccines

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Environmental Monitoring Use Cases

Recording and tracking temperature and environmental data on medicine, vaccines, blood and lab samples ensures these critical life-saving components are safe and ready for patient use.

Vaccine Storage (COVID-19)

Both Moderna and Pfizer have specific requirements for keeping the COVID-19 vaccination stored properly. How are you insuring your vaccinations are stored properly and meeting all temperature requirements? What about transportation?

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination Storage Summary

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination Ultra Cold Storage Summary


Ensure pharmacy products and medications are maintained and prepared under recommended storage conditions in compliance with USP797.

Clinical Lab

Safeguard valuable reagents and time-sensitive diagnostic and test results found in laboratories across a broad range of commonly monitored use cases to meet CAP and JCAHO.


Monitor and track in-transit healthcare materials from blood, transplant tissues and organs to other products.

Network Closet

Offer advanced temperature monitoring solution to data centers to more effectively manage energy costs and equipment conditions.

Blood Bank

Maintain precise temperature and humidity conditions to ensure blood banks or blood storage temperature meets AABB standards.

Food Service

Achieve food safety, quality and maintain shelf life with monitoring of perishable food items. Monitor dishwasher rinse temperature to HACCP standards.


Maintain vaccines under recommended storage conditions to ensure quality to CDC recommendations.


Automate 24/7 monitoring of hospital equipment and air pressures in a wide range of environments wherever temperature and humidity play a critical role.


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