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Our kiosk solutions help patients have the best experience possible within your facility. Surveys indicate that patients are more likely to choose a healthcare provider that allows them to manage their health and medical care using convenient healthcare portals. Our easy-to-use, self-service kiosks are compatible with Epic and a perfect for healthcare facilities. A variety of healthcare uses include registration, check-in, and billing applications, wayfinding, virtual concierge, telehealth, and many more.

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Maximize patient engagement; streamline check-in processes, increase point-of-service collections, and more with a Welcome kiosk. It’s a self-service solution that gives your patients a measure of control. They check-in without requiring assistance or having to wait in line. They update their own registration information. They pay co-pay amounts, sign documents, and print receipts. In fact, the more functions a kiosk can offer to check-in patients, the less manual registration work the front desk employees have to perform. This patient-centric approach to healthcare means that care teams spend less time dealing with administrative duties and more time providing care for patients.

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Types of Kiosks Below:

Kiosk Colors

Standard  selections include textured semi-gloss finish, which provide a consistent and polished surface  coverage. A paint application with the textured, hammer tone finish is recommended for the following reasons:
  • The finish is the most fingerprint resistant.
  • Texture provides the best coverage, making any minor metal variations undetectable.
  • Graphics hold well on all textured finishes for smooth, professional branding.
  • Textured paint is the most cost-effective process, eliminating any additional preparation steps for the enclosure metals.
  • If you have a custom color or finish in mind, we are readily able to match it

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