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Large Format Displays with Protective Glass Overlays

Large computer displays with a protective non-glare glass overlay is the perfect solution for Nurse Boards, Waiting Rooms or Directional Signage. These specialty displays are ideal for the healthcare environment where cleaning is required. These large high resolution computer displays make great message boards in surgical suites, ICU’s, emergency departments or any department that uses informational & scheduling displays.

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Specialty Computers

Medical grade computers may be just what the doctor ordered for the OR, ED, and ICU where space is limited, infection control is paramount, and less is more for computer hardware. Add batteries and an AIO (what is this) becomes an attractive laptop substitute with a larger display when mounted on a non- powered computer cart.

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Cleanable Keyboards & Mice

Need a medical grade keyboard or mouse? We have a variety to choose from for every healthcare application; liquid-resistant, cleanable, backlit, magnetically fixed, smooth, raised, or traditional feel keys. We also created a heavy-duty metal mouse holder to protect your mouse and it won't break when it gets bumped, perfect for all EMR applications.

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