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Every year, Emergency Departments, Clinic and Operating Rooms aim to improve efficiency and streamline workflow, to meet the demands of healthcare’s rising patient census levels. The right RTLS technology provides staff views on the location and status of patients making it easier for the entire care team to know where every patient is, collaborate on what they need next, and adjust in the moment for things like:

  • List of patients in the waiting area that don’t have an assigned room yet.
  • In the Emergency Department, who needs to be triaged and how long have they been waiting.
  • Who is waiting for a nurse and how long have they been waiting.
  • Ready for discharge and how long was their visit.
  • Who is at CT, X-Ray etc.
  • Measure room occupancy over time and set goals. Does your facility really need more exam space?

With a RTLS hardware and software workflow system, patients move in and out faster, driving higher patient satisfaction. And when patients have shorter visit times, providers can see more patients and ultimately bring in more revenue. Combine this information with EHR data enables a patient to be checked in (and checked out) efficiently without adding time to an already complex process. The integration of RTLS within healthcare facilities is advancing workflow processes, patient flow and reducing response times. It enhances staff communication and gives more visibility of patients in a fastpaced environment where time matters.

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