Asset Tracking & Management

asset tracking and management

Top Reasons for Asset Tracking:

  • Instant visibility on location of equipment: available, unavailable, dirty, in use, being cleaned.
  • Enable and create efficient work processes that are measurable and repeatable.
  • Reduce interruptions in patient care; drive satisfaction and improve throughput.
  • Save on replacement costs for lost or stolen equipment by providing visibility on location.
  • Efficiently maintain, repair, recall and inventory equipment.
  • Organizations spend less money replacing lost or stolen equipment.
  • Enables staff to view real-time location of medical equipment on their workstation, tablet or smartphone while on-the-go.
  • Find equipment needed in real time.
  • Understand actual utilization rates of your resources
  • Maintain efficient PAR level management

Managing an effective workflow is one step closer to reducing rental expenses and optimizing equipment utilization. One component to managing an effective workflow is asset tracking and management. When staff members are under pressure, they do not have time to search for medical equipment such as IV pumps and patient monitoring devices. Instant visibility on the location of equipment: available, unavailable, dirty, in use, or being cleaned maximizes staff time and reduces the need to hoard equipment.

With an asset tracking and management system in place, staff knows the exact location and condition on much needed critical resources. A Best of Breed approach offers the right solution for asset utilization with state of the art infrastructure to ease of use software.

With an RTLS management system, asset tags are placed on mobile medical equipment and software is custom configured for specific needs within your facility or facilities. Asset tags seamlessly communicate with existing systems, providing key data on the exact location and condition in real time. Staff can access real-time reports on where the equipment and what the status of the equipment: available, unavailable, dirty, in use, or being cleaned. When seconds count, caregivers can access critical equipment quickly. Enabling and creating work processes that are measurable and repeatable. It speeds up workflows, resulting in better overall patient care and patient satisfaction.

An Asset Tracking System Provides:

  • Future Proof — At IMS, we custom design an infrastructure that can grow with a facility, can handle moves, adds and changes while providing a wide range of use cases.
  • Accuracy — Asset visibility can be customized to room, bay and even chair level location accuracy. This level of accuracy supports PAR-level management of mobile medical equipment.
  • Inter-Operability — Design a system that easily integrates with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS),. An open platform means seamless integration with current and future clinical applications and Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR).
  • Reliable — Critical location, condition and status updates delivered accurately and automatically as needed. Systems can also be built at the enterprise level for insight into all facilities asset tracking and management.

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